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(GMA) Brod says Las Vegas gunman a peaceful man who never grew gun before | At first glance, it seemed Stephen Paddock, 64, was set for a quiet life in a retirement community in Mesquite, Nevada, where he had bought a new home in 2015 near his beloved casinos.

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Closest Mario Kart 8 Game (and Switch) to Mountain West Schools

It has been said that the Mountain West conference is “At the Peak,” and to me, nothing illustrates that more, than the fact that there are 12 teams competing in the only NCAA Division 1 conference that sponsors e-sports. Of course, since the matches are played head-to-head, Boise State has an advantage because they tint the monitors blue, and play with all blue avatars; an advantage that is confirmed in their winning of League of Legends and Overwatch, but with the Spring season being cut, next year the Mountain West has announced that they will be playing Mario Kart 8, for the Nintendo Switch. Due to the large amounts of people in the Mountain West cities suddenly having $1200 burning a hole in their pocket, every store that sells Nintendo Switch has sold out of their allotment; yes, even, Amazon. So, thus the conundrum becomes: How can these players, prospects, and ordinary people practice in order to “git gud” as the gamers would say? Well, that’s where I come in. For, you see, since I am allowed out on the streets again, finally, due to both my prison sentence being cut short, and my work being determined to be “essential,” I had the time to scope out some places. Alas, while my cough and fever are not improving as much as I had hoped since I last got back from Italy, I did manage to find some time to visit all of the Mountain West cities in order to find the easiest place to get a Switch and Mario Kart 8 location. For simplicity’s sake, I am going by the football stadium since it’s a well-defined point in most locations – San José State fans, the football stadium is that big ovoid building at the corner of E Alma Ave, and S 7th St… It’s the place where the people aren’t on Saturday’s is September. Should you get hungry during your travels, I have also managed to find a some breakfast locations in the same vicinity


Air Force

Okay, so I lied a little; I tried to get into the university, but, unfortunately the men with guns wouldn’t actually let me get beyond the gate on S Gate Rd, and I was still a little jet-lagged having just gotten in from Frankfurt after having woken up for my 0610 flight for the Linate to Frankfurt leg (stupid weather prevented the flight from Denver to ABQ, but my loss is your gain). So, while this may not be the closest, it certainly will fit the bill. Tyler-Jay Rowland who lives at 3075 Navigation Drive, in Colorado Springs was more than willing to help out, especially since his son, Jeremiah, was grounded for a month for staying out after curfew two weekends in a row. As the falcon flies, this location is 5.2 miles away; in a car, it’s not too much further than that.

Boise State

Now, I don’t, technically, hate the way that Boise is laid out with the river running right through the center of town, but even though Maci Drew lives in the Clearwater Apartments, unit 323, which is in a straight line, only a quarter of a mile from the stadium, you will have to go the Exxtramile, to get to her apartment. Also, she would like me to point out, that times for a waitress like herself are a little rough, so please, if you’re hungry, skip Taco Bell, and eat at the Bar Gernika in downtown Boise, right next to the Central Plaza and Century Link Arena. “We have wifi” she said.

Colorado State

This is, by far, the most remarkable location; I had completely forgotten that they moved to an on-campus stadium, so I initially went to the Hughes Stadium location, and found a big pile of dirt. And not much else – well, if you exclude the trees that formed a nice line, that brought me back to my college days. Having corrected my too old Garmin in-car GPS, I found Tim Thatcher on 604 Balsam Ln; he’s a little deaf, so you might need to knock like you are ram-ing down the door. He bought the Switch after his wife of 35 years died to help him grieve and spend his retirement, “but it’s just making me too sad lately, and I’ve never been very good at vid’ya [sic] games. I still don’t know how I’m supposed to save the princess when she’s trying to beat me… That reminds me of my princess, who I lost last year. She was so kind, we met in high school, I had an onion on my belt as was the style in those days. They didn't have any white onions, because of the war. The only thing you could get was those big yellow ones.” I’ll be honest, at this point I started zoning out because, again, fever. He honestly looked really sad as I was talking to him, so you might want to try to cheer him up, since he’s just a lonely guy bein’ a dude. In a straight line distance, you’re only going .3 miles, and it’s not too much further by car.

New Mexico

This is by far the closest location to the stadium. The UNM Lobo Club is a non-essential business in the state of New Mexico, and UNM and the Athletics Department realized that funding would need to be cut dramatically throughout the state, and with the sweetheart deal they got from the legislature this year, they decided to close all athletic facilities, including the Maloof building, home of both Eddie Nuñez’s office, and the Lobo Club. I suggest using the side door closest to the field level entrance of the stadium. That’ll take you to the weight room; an alarm will go off, the code is “1892” the year the football team first played (interesting tidbit: the marching band was founded in 1889, the same year as the university); from there enter the main hallway, and go to the first door on the left after you pass the restrooms. The last time I was there, they had a vending machine that dispensed free Mountain Dew; I was howl-ing with laughter after I found that. Also, if you see Señor Manta, say “Hola!” he’s been down on his luck since his family were killed in the accident, and now he wanders the street like a lone Lobo.

Utah State

It was like a bomb went off. No one was around; maybe they were busy playing Farmer, or having a bonfire out in the dirt behind the stadium, wit their brown-eyed girls, but Jeff Field’s dorm room, Aggie Village Community building 17, first floor, third window from the right (he leaves it unlocked, so don’t worry about access) has a Switch just sitting there on the bed, as though he borrowed it from someone, but never managed to return it before he left. Go on, take it, just say that it was yours and he left it, no one will check.


Cowboys and Cowgirls are just different, I guess; I could not find a Nintendo Switch in town for the life of me. I found many Switchblades, Light switches, and many wooden rods, so I took my horse down to Cheyenne, and found a recently laid-off Subway Sandwich Artist called Dom, who knew just where to look. He directed me to 803 West 21st St, Suite B. He told me, “yeah, the guy who runs this storefront, has a little son, about 6 years old. He keeps a Switch in his desk’s keyboard tray for when he picks his son up from school.” Because of the ordeal in Laramie, I asked him to clarify, and he did, “yeah… Nintendo switch.” He said as he looked around shiftily. If that doesn’t work you can always try Suite C, I heard they stock Switches… oh wait, not that kind.” I was going to ask him for more information, but he entered what looked like an abandoned brick building just passed the railroad tracks, “You didn’t see me,” he said. And I also didn’t hear the gunshots that went off as I walked back to my car.

Table View

School Distance Driving (mi) Straight Line Distance (mi) Drive/Drone Difference Variance (from all schools)A
Air Force 8.44 5.22 3.22 0.047
Boise State 1.00 0.282 0.718 1.069
Colorado State 0.420 0.312 0.108 1.792
New Mexico 0.206 0.191 0.015 1.920
Utah State 0.444 0.305 0.139 1.751
Wyoming 47.90 40.69 7.21 4.894
A: Variance is calculated based upon DDD’s distance from the standard deviation of DDD… Why DDD? Because, DDD is King.


Note: SDSU currently does not field an Esports team; I am including them because it seems likely that they will in the near future


Hawai’i is interesting because the Honolulu airport has a much better open air location than the El Paso airport; there’s a water path, it’s weird man, it reminds me a lot of the Tiki Room at Disn… oh, yeah, Hawai’i, Polynesia, that makes sense. Anyway, the stadium is home to the largest swap meet’s I’ve ever seen. Unfortunately, I did not find any Switches, but I did find a guy swapping Macadamia Nut cookies for a few dollars, so naturally, I bought some. It started to rain, so even though many people are Rainbow Warriors or Wahine, as the women prefer to be called, I am not. I stopped in at the ‘Aeia Public Library for a spell, and my phone was dead, so I needed a place to charge for a bit. The nice librarian, Akela (“it means graceful,” I was told. After I asked, “like the wolf-spirit in Hindi myths?”), pointed out, that, “We loan out all sorts of stuff here; pots, pans, sewing machines. Believe it or not, we even rent out video game systems. Our most popular is probably the Nintendo Switch, but we also have a couple of Xbox’s and PS4’s.” I guess I looked very shocked because Akela continued, “with the military surrounding us, we, the library system, get a lot of goods from contractors who don’t want to have a lot of their goods shipped back to the mainland.” Seeing how much it cost to ship out, I completely understood, and bid ¬¬Akela aloha, and failed the Hawai’I test by passing out at the nearest Embassy Suites, in Kapolei, if I remember correctly (I probably don’t, I was tired).

Fresno State

A nice cow brought me to Clovis. Much like what happened in Las Vegas, it was not the cool one, but instead the one in California. She (I saw udders), brought me specifically to 264 Clovis Ave, and said, “what you seek, from my master, is in there.” I’m not sure if it was my fever, jet-lag, a combination of them, or something else entirely, but then the cow vanished as though she was just a thing on the internet. A stray puppy passed by me in downtown, so that was probably the highlight of the trip.

Nevada (Reno)

Look, I’ll be honest, Reno to me always makes me feel like I’m going to be leaving the city without one or both of my kidneys. I don’t know why I expect Renoirs to chew my body like a Pack of Wolves, but there you are. Diedre Thomas of 128 Keystone Ave, fell on hard times. She poured herself a glass of vodka, neat, and said, “you can have anything you want,” she paused briefly to wink at me, “for the right price.” I specifically enquired about the Switch, “Anything,” she replied. She pulled out what appeared to be a small glass bowl that looked like an incense holder, and a baggie of chalk dust, and… Oh my god, she was going to smoke cocaine. Anyway, as she pulled out the pulled out the baggie, I hastily took my leave. I then went to the airport and went to my next stop….

Nevada – Las Vegas

Can you believe parents still bring their children, like elementary school aged children to Las Vegas. And it’s not the cool Las Vegas, in New Mexico, it’s the one in Nevada; well, I guess, technically they bring their kids to Paradise, and not Las Vegas, but c’mon man, there isn’t that much difference. Anyway, head to the Excalibur hotels because Carla, the housekeeper said that on average 3 Switches get left by guests every day. I then felt really depressed while walking around the hotel, so I left to check out the Mirage, where I normally stay on these Mountain West trips. I also learned that if there’s one thing that freaks me out more than the throngs of people walking the Strip, it’s when there’s nobody around. Once the new stadium gets completed it will be vastly easier to get to the casino than at the current location.

San Diego State

I stayed with Dominic, at his house of Friars Road. I was starting to feel sick to my stomach with the lack of green chile, so it was so enjoyable to spend time with a fellow New Mexican (and my roommate junior year). He took me on a little tour: Balboa Park’s stadium (home of the former Harbor Bowl, and the first tie in UNM Football history), the USS Midway, and Ocean Beach. I had forgotten about the assignment until I looked down at my feet and found a working Switch. When it was still there after an hour, I borrowed a small boat, realised, I need a bigger boat and headed out to the Ocean. Having claimed rights, I then put it back, so you might also find it.

San José State

Look, there are a lot of people who depart from the San Jose Airport. The kids who travel on these flights are slightly scatter-brained because of the adrenaline of taking a plane ride (and passing through the checkpoint), and leave some of their electronics, and I found a shoe! A shoe! Who only puts one shoe on and then walks-off? It was an adult shoe, so it’s not like a child/toddleparent left it, no, someone made a conscious decision to leave their shoe… Maybe it was a protest? Anyway, just tell the guy that you left your Switch at the checkpoint, if he asks you what color it was say, it had yellow grips that slide off, but the screen was bounded by black.

Table View

School Distance Driving (mi) Straight Line Distance (mi) Drive/Drone Difference Standard Deviation (all schools)A
Fresno State 4.46 3.28 1.18 0.644
Hawai’i 1.420 0.696 0.784 1.001
Nevada (Reno) 2.410 1.69 0.720 1.067
Nevada – Las Vegas (SBS)b 18.426 8.93 11.258
Nevada – Las Vegas (NVS)c 2.125 0.590 1.535 0.391
San Diego State 9.861 8.08 1.78 0.252
San José State 6.575 4.60 1.975 0.164
A: Variance is calculated based upon DDD’s distance from the standard deviation of DDD… Why DDD? Because, DDD is King.
b: Sam Boyd Stadium
c: New Vegas Stadium (Allegiant Field)


Even if the stores are sold out of Switches, there are always places you can go to get them, some are definitely within walking distance of your house, maybe even right next door. If you do choose to do that, there are a few things to keep in mind: 1. Milk 2. Eggs, specifically from Natural Grocers, if they still have member pricing. 3. Chicken thighs
Wait, that was my grocery list for last week.
  1. Basque food is amazing.
  2. The addresses are real, any businesses mention are real; the people mentioned or alluded to (with exception to the person who has an office in Clovis, CA; and Dominic in SD) are fake.
  3. No, I do not know who lives at the addresses, and unless you can look it up in the phone book, I recommend that you don’t either. Please don’t bother them.
  4. No, I am not sick… I have a lingering cough from allergies to junipemesquite pollen.
  5. I have not visited Colorado Springs/Fort Collins/Laramie/Reno/San José/Honolulu, yet.
  6. Information for the other cities comes from my memory
  7. I remember when Park MGM was the Monte Carlo
  8. Is Secret Pizza still at the Cosmo? I don’t remember seeing it the last time I was there, but that might have been because I was on the wrong floor.
  9. Toss a coin to your witcher.
  10. Normal people stop listing things at 10, but
  11. This list goes up to 11.
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Gunshots downtown right now?

My sister is downtown hearing gunshots running for her life and there is no news coverage what the fuck is going on down there
A video of the concert being interrupted by gunshots.
IF YOU ARE LOOKING FOR A LOVED ONE: 1-866-535-5654 FAMILY REUNIFICATION CENTER: Metro Headquarters at 400 South MLK Blvd Building B
Donate blood at United Blood Services at 6930 W Charleston or 601 Whitney Ranch Dr. PLEASE DONATE BLOOD.
Confirmed info: One shooter , 64 year old man , shot from the 32nd floor of the Mandalay Bay into the festival. He then turned the gun on himself after 10-15 minutes of shooting. He has 8-10+ rifles in the room with him. Man is from Mesquite (not Las Vegas) , Nevada , and is said to have operated alone.
The alleged man with a rifle walking in the Bellagio employee entrance was CONFIRMED TRUE, it was a good Samaritan, trying to help, in the least helpful way. The man just had his guns on him , and took of to try and save lives. The thoughts were right, the process was not.
Reports of gunfire from anywhere BUT the Mandalay Bay are false, all shots originated from the Mandalay. Again: Shooter acted alone, and it is believed his girlfriend was not involved.
As of right now, 9:39am the casualties are 58 people killed, and 500+ injured, in the deadliest Mass Shooting in American history. There are plenty of videos of the gunfire, before during and after, however I do not feel the need to keep linking them here.
Thank you everyone for your thoughts, prayers and compliments. I do not see myself a hero im just a 19 year old kid he needed his sister alive and home, though there were many REAL heroes on the strip last night, people assisting in loading the injured to hospitals, officers and LVMPD and LVPD came together to neutralize any threats, and save as many people as we could. This is a tragic day I will certainly never forget, and I urge everyone to fully read my live edits below, as even now as I look back through them, it still scares me to relive the panic I was in trying to locate my sister.
I might reiterate my story and my sisters below, but don't count on it yet. There is a lot more to her story and I'm not fully willing to ask her if I can tell the whole world about it.
Lastly, I'd like to comment on my lack of confirm able information: Anything I said was "CONFIRMED" was information I was hearing off the Police Scanner, or information off the news. Much of this was later unconfirmed, but during the live events I felt it was best to be posting ALL information from the event so that if anything was true, people would know where NOT to go. The Rifleman in Bellagio was true, and I didn't want anyone running there, even though the guy wasn't involved. I was doing my best to condense as much information as I could, and i was not totally accurate. To those saying: "don't post the live details of police" I really don't think if you're the shooter(s) in this event, the first thing you're doing is updating Reddit, but if youre being shot at, you might be checking Reddit for a "what the fuck where do i go whats going on" update.
( First gun shots were 10:08 PM. I believe this post was at 10:11 PM, it was posted before officers arrived, and before there was anything on the Scanners. First EDIT was around 10:17 or 10:18, and the edits there after were about a minute apart until the 10:29 Edit where i started using Timestamps. )
10:59 at least 8 critical injuries on scanner in last T minutes. Many going to Sunrise Hospital
11:02 so many injuries being confirmed on the scanner.
11:03 FOX5 News says All clubs are closed and locked down. My sister is MGM employee her boss says ALL MGM properties ( all the strip really ) is on LOCKDOWN. STAY SAFE PLEASE
11:05 scanner just said 3 shooters UNCONFIRMED. HACIENDA AND TROP/ VEGAS ?? Has bodies / shooters. Not sure when last shots were fired. Tropicana Offramp Is CLOSED
11:06 so many fucking injuries being reported. SCanner says multiple 419's? Scanner saying DO NOT WORRY ABOUT INJURED, NEUTRALIZE THREAT.
11:13 my sister saying airport feeling unsafe maybe more gunmen fuck fuck fuck
11:22 STRIKE TEAMS CLEARING MANDALAY 32 29 and CASINO FLOORS. Teams on starwells
CHAOS PEOPLE. ITS CHAOS. ASSUME SHOTS EVERYWHERE STAY SAFE. outside world , assume shots only Mandalay Ali baba and Tropicana. Maybe NYNY and maybe Excalibur
11:46 I'm hearing way less injury , way more negative gunshots.
Freeways are dead, cops all over. UPDATE 12:15 215 IS CLOSED BY AIRPORT FUCK OP is wlive. Got my sister.
OP is home and safe. One suspect down. Two dead.
My story: sister was 20 ft from the stage, texted us immediately "gunshots." She hid behind a bar, had ricochets hitting the bar, thought shooter was on floor coming closer. She ran out, someone hooked their truck to a fence and pulled it down. She jump through the fence with her boyfriend , and they ran to a private airport thing. Stole a golf cart, got a bunch of people to safety. I left to get her , she made it to just north of McCarran airport , I broke some laws to get there , but pulled in and grabbed my sister her boyfriend , his aunt and 4 other girls piled into my car. One girl was shot in the leg . Dropped the 4 girls off with a friend of theirs at the airport, drove to fire station 19 and dropped his aunt with his uncle there. Drove home , and currently am at home.
That's the jist. I may update more details. I am a 19 year old UNLV student. She is 21.
Thank you everyone for your kind words and helping the information flow. I apologize for inaccuracies throughout the night and I'm just glad it's all over.
Goodnight everyone. See you in class tomorrow !
9:04am : I'm awake now, reading some comments and replying. I've calmed down quite a bit , but what a stressful night. I'll update with any confirmed info I can find
9:34am: Moving edits to the top now.
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Nevada News - Nov. 7 - 18 Paywall article links in text post: Mine taxes; Sisolak and licensing boards; Pardons board; Stadium updates; LVCVA criminal case; Carson stormwater rate; New fee for Reno developments; Opinion on downtown Reno BIDs; Steyer on NV climate and more

The following news headlines come from sources which may limit or restrict access to those with a paid subscription. Each article headline will be posted as its own parent comment below to foster discussion on individual items.
Elko Daily Free Press
Letter: Tax rate on mines is 'peanuts' - Opinion
Las Vegas Review Journal
Sisolak slams dental board for pushing ‘outrageous and false accusations’
EDITORIAL: Gov. Steve Sisolak has headaches over Nevada licensing boards - Editorial
Raiders name Ford dealers as Allegiant Stadium founding partner
County approves Allegiant Stadium sign proposal after FAA review
Kaos worker files class-action lawsuit against Red Rock Resorts
Accused murder mastermind Frank LaPena granted pardon
Las Vegas council OKs plan to facilitate sale of Huntridge Theater
Did Ralenkotter, co-defendants get special treatment in criminal case?
Las Vegas Sun
Paula Abdul, David Parks lauded for their LGBTQ advocacy - Parks has been a state Senator since 2008
Fields begin taking shape in Nevada’s 2020 congressional contests
Phil Carlino, a longtime power in Nevada Democratic Party, dies at 93
Mesquite Local News
Bill language should not allow water grab - Opinion
Nevada Appeal
Nevada fourth graders improve in math but overall results not good
Carson City stormwater rate recommendation delayed when committee gets new proposal
Reno Gazette Journal
One year, $2.35M later, BID/DRP has fixed nothing and downtown Reno is worse, says White - Opinion
Reno leaders eye development fees to help pay for multimillion-dollar police headquarters
RGJ exclusive: Tom Steyer on why climate crisis demands urgent action, especially in Nevada
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Keeping New Vegas Clean

I recently did a playthrough of Fallout New Vegas where I picked up and kept everything. EVERYTHING. I picked every area bone dry. I took all the perks related to carrying stuff. I only used melee weapons so as to not use any ammo. I didn't repair anything so nothing was used. My results are below. And here's a link to small gallery of my acquisitions:
Keeping New Vegas Clean
Weapons: .357 Magnum Revolver (34) .44 Magnum Revolver (19) .45 Auto Pistol (9) .45 Auto Submachine Gun (8) 10mm Pistol (67) 10mm Submachine Gun (63) 12.7mm Pistol (4) 12.7mm Submachine Gun (31) 9 Iron (2) 9mm Pistol (57) 9mm Submachine Gun (34) A Light Shining In Darkness (1) AER14 Prototype (1) Alien Blaster (1) All-American (1) Annabelle (1) Anti-Materiel Rifle (15) Arc Welder (8) Assault Carbine (16) Automatic Rifle (9) BB Gun (21) Bad Beat (1) Ballistic Fist (11) Baseball Bat (38) Bear Trap Fist (26) Big Mountain Transportalponder! (1) Binoculars (21) Blade of the West (12) Bladed Gauntlet (1) Bottlecap Mine (1) Bowie Knife (15) Boxing Tape (2) Brass Knuckles (13) Broad Machete (1) Broken Grenade Rifle (2) Broken Missile Launcher (1) Brush Gun (38) Bumper Sword (3) C-4 Plastic Explosive (44) CZ57 Avenger (1) Caravan Shotgun (37) Cattle Prod (9) Chainsaw (2) Chopper (1) Christine's COS Silencer Rifle (1) Cleaver (20) Codac R9000 (1) Col. Gillians sniper rifle (1) Combat Knife (54) Compliance Regulator (1) Corrosive Glove (2) Cosmic Knife (24) Cowboy Repeater (27) Detonator (2) Dinner Bell (1) Displacer Glove (3) Dr. Klein's Glove (1) Dr. Mobius' Glove (1) Drawing Dead (1) Dress Cane (2) Dynamite (198) Elijah's Advanced LAER (2) Elijah's Jury-Rigged Tesla Cannon (1) Euclid's C-Finder (1) Fat Man (4) Fire Axe (21) Fire Bomb (1) Flamer (11) Flare Gun (19) Flash Bang (59) Frag Grenade (231) Frag Mine (178) Gas Bomb (21) Gatling Laser (8) Gobi Campaign Scout Rifle (1) Golden Gloves (1) Great Bear Grenade Rifle (1) Grenade Launcher (6) Grenade Machinegun (2) Grenade Rifle (17) H&H Tools Nail Gun (10) Hatchet (2) Heavy Incinerator (7) Holorifle (1) Holy Frag Grenade (3) Hunting Revolver (17) Hunting Rifle (37) Hunting Shotgun (10) Incendiary Grenade (45) Incinerator (7) Industrial Hand (4) K9000 Cyberdog Gun (2) Knife (210) Knife Spear (62) Knock Knock (1) LAER (6) Laser Detonator (1) Laser Pistol (55) Laser RCW (19) Laser Rifle (29) Lead Pipe (55) Lever-Action Shotgun (8) Liberator (1) Light Machine Gun (8) Long Fuse Dynamite (37) Love and Hate (1) Lucky (1) Machete (128) Machete Gladius (4) Mantis Gauntlet (15) Maria (1) Marksman Carbine (18) Mercenary's Grenade Rifle (1) Mercy (1) Minigun (9) Missile Launcher (6) Multiplas Rifle (4) Mysterious Magnum (1) Nail Board (2) Nephi's Golf Driver (1) Oh, Baby! (1) Old Glory (2) Paladin Toaster (1) Pew Pew (1) Plasma Caster (4) Plasma Defender (13) Plasma Grenade (86) Plasma Mine (60) Plasma Pistol (17) Plasma Rifle (22) Police Baton (95) Police Pistol (21) Pool Cue (107) Powder Charge (17) Power Fist (30) Proton Axe (14) Proton Throwing Axe (55) Protonic Inversal Axe (4) Protonic Inversal Throwing Axe (10) Pulse Grenade (113) Pulse Gun (1) Pulse Mine (38) Pushy (1) Q-35 Matter Modulator (1) Ratslayer (1) Rebar Club (38) Recharger Pistol (7) Recharger Rifle (1) Recompense of the Fallen (1) Red Glare (3) Riot Shotgun (17) Ripper (9) Rolling Pin (4) Salt-Upon-Wounds' Power Fist (1) Satchel Charge (50) Saturnite Fist (9) Saturnite Fist Super-Heated (8) Sawed-Off Shotgun (22) Scientist Glove (7) Service Rifle (26) She's Embrace (1) Shishkebab (34) Shoulder Mounted Machine Gun (7) Shovel (4) Silenced .22 Pistol (22) Silenced .22 SMG (1) Single Shotgun (45) Sledgehammer (16) Slow Roll (1) Sniper Rifle (15) Sonic Emitter (1) Spiked Knuckles (8) Sterilizer Glove (2) Straight Razor (10) Sturdy Caravan Shotgun (1) Super Sledge (24) Survivalist's Rifle (1) Switchblade (33) Tesla Cannon (3) Tesla-Beaton Prototype (1) That Gun (1) The Humble Cudgel (1) Thermic Lance (7) Throwing Knife Spear (200) Throwing Spear (192) Thump-Thump (1) Time Bomb (2) Tire Iron (73) Tomahawk (73) Trail Carbine (5) Tri-Beam Laser Rifle (9) Vance's 9mm Submachine Gun (1) Varmint Rifle (51) War Club (7) Weathered 10mm Pistol (1) X-2 Antenna (1)
Apparel: 1st Recon Beret (1) Advanced Radiation Suit (5) Advanced Riot Gear (1) Advanced Riot Gear Helmet (1) All-Purpose Science Suit (1) Armor of the 87th Tribe (1) Armored Vault 13 Jumpsuit (1) Armored Vault 66 Jumpsuit (1) Assassin Suit (1) Atomic-Valence Tri-Radii-Oscillator (1) Authority Glasses (8) Ballcap with Glasses (2) Bandana (4) Benny's Suit (1) Beret (3) Biker Goggles (7) Boomer Flightsuit (2) Boomers Cap (1) Boomers Helmet (1) Bounty Hunter Duster (1) Brahmin-Skin Outfit (16) Breathing Mask (12) Bright Brotherhood Robe (19) Brotherhood T-45d Power Armor (1) Brotherhood T-51b Power Armor (8) Caesar's Armor (1) Caravaneer Outfit (4) Cattleman Cowboy Hat (11) Centurion Helmet (13) Chalk's Headdress (1) Christine's COS Recon Armor (1) Combat Armor (32) Combat Armor, Reinforced (5) Combat Armor, Reinforced Mark 2 (2) Combat Helmet (19) Combat Helmet, Reinforced (3) Combat Helmet, Reinforced Mark 2 (2) Construction Hat (11) Courier Duster (1) Daniel's Hat (1) Daniel's Outfit (1) Dapper Gambler Hat (1) Dapper Gambler Suit (1) Dead Horses Stalker Armor (2) Dead Money Jumpsuit (1) Dean's Tuxedo (1) Desert Ranger COmbat Armor (1) Desert Ranger COmbat Helmet (1) Desperado Cowboy Hat (12) Destroyed Party Hat (10) Dirty Pre-War Businesswear (69) Dirty Pre-War Casualwear (35) Dirty Pre-War Parkstroller Outfit (51) Dirty Pre-War Relaxedwear (53) Dirty Pre-War Spring Outfit (58) Dr. Klein's Glasses (1) Dr. Klein's Scrubs (1) Dr. Mobius' Glasses (1) Dr. Mobius Scrubs (1) Elite Riot Gear (1) Elite Riot Gear Helmet (1) Explorer Hood (8) Eyebot Helmet (1) Eyeglasses (54) Fancy Gambler Suit (2) Father Elijah's Robes (1) Field Hand Outfit (5) Fiend Battle Helmet (21) Fiend Helmet (19) Fiend Warrior Helmet (12) Fire Helmet (8) Formal Wear (1) Goggles Helmet (15) Great Khan Simple Armor (2) Great Khan Soldier Armor (1) Great Khan Spike Helmet (2) Great Khan Suit Armor (1) Grimy Pre-War Businesswear (60) Handyman Jumpsuit (1) Hazmat Darklight Cowl (1) Hazmat Suit (1) Head Wrap (3) Hockey Mask (20) Jailhouse Rocker (5) Joshua Graham's Armor (1) Kings Outfit (41) Leather Armor (22) Leather Armor, Reinforced (7) Legion Centurion Armor (12) Legion Explorer Armor (15) Legion Praetorian Armor (24) Legion Prime Armor (13) Legion Recruit Armor (54) Legion Veteran Armor (47) Legion Vexillarius Armor (22) Lightweight Leather Armor (1) Lightweight Metal Armor (1) Lobotomite Goggles (36) Lobotomite Jumpsuit (53) Lobotomite Mask (32) Lobotomite Mask and Goggles (25) Lucky Shades (1) MP Trooper Helmet (1) Mad Scientist Scrubs (2) Marked Beast Eyes Helmet (1) Marked Beast Face Helmet (1) Marked Beast Helmet (1) Marked Beast Tribal Helmet (1) Marked Patrol Armor (6) Marked Scout Armor (38) Marked Tribal Armor (8) Marked Trooper Armor (34) Memphis Kid Outfit (1) Merc Adventurer Outfit (4) Merc Charmer Outfit (10) Merc Cruiser Outfit (14) Merc Grunt Outfit (19) Merc Troublemaker Outfit (26) Merc Veteran Outfit (10) Metal Armor (13) Metal Armor, Reinforced (3) Metal Helmet (6) Metal Helmet, Reinforced (1) Motorcycle Helmet (6) NCR Bandoleer Armor (7) NCR Face Wrap Armor (4) NCR Mantle Armor (5) NCR Military Police Armor (1) NCR Ranger Combat Armor (3) NCR Ranger Patrol Armor (3) NCR Salvaged Power Armor (7) NCR Trooper Armor (22) NCR Trooper Fatigues (1) Old Cowboy Hat (2) Park Ranger Hat (3) Party Hat (4) Patient Gown (38) Police Hat (1) Powder Gang Guard Armor (20) Powder Gang Plain Outfit (35) Powder Gang Simple Outfit (12) Poweder Gang Soldier Outfit (8) Pre-War Baseball Cap (36) Pre-War Bonnet (41) Pre-War Casualwear (54) Pre-War Hat (90) Pre-War Parkstroller Outfit (41) Pre-War Relaxedwear (55) Pre-War Spring Outfit (43) Prime Decanus Helmet (7) Prime Helmet (5) Prospector Outfit (2) Radiation Suit (7) Raider Arclight Helmet (2) Raider Badlands Armor (14) Raider Blastmaster Armor (14) Raider Painspike Armor (11) Raider Sadist Armor (15) Ranger Grey Hat (3) Ranger Hat (3) Ranger Helmet (3) Rattan Cowboy Hat (6) Rawhide Cowboy Hat (10) Reading Glasses (26) Rebreather (1) Recon Armor (8) Recon Armor Helmet (4) Recruit Decanus Helmet (5) Recruit Helmet (24) Remnants Power Helmet (1) Riot Gear (3) Riot Gear Helmet (3) RobCo Jumpsuit (1) Roving Trader Hat (3) Roving Trader Outfit (2) Salt-Upon-Wounds' Helmet (1) Salvaged Power Helmet (7) Scientist Scrubs (6) Scorched Sierra Power Armor (1) Settler Outfit (5) Sexy Sleepwear (84) Sheriff's Duster (1) Sheriff's Hat (2) Sierra Madre Armor (8) Sierra Madre Armor, Reinforced (4) Sierra Madre Helmet (10) Sierra Madre Helmet, Reinforced (3) Sin City Armor (1) Slave Rags (2) Slave Scarf (1) Sleepwear (1) Space Suit (1) Space Suit Helmet (1) Stealth Suit Mk II (1) Stormchaser Hat (6) Suave Gambler Hat (1) Sunglasses (32) T-45d Power Armor (7) T-45d Power Helmet (10) T-51b Power Armor (2) T-51b Power Helmet (3) Tinted Reading Glasses (13) Tribal Raiding Armor (1) Trooper Helmet (27) Tuxedo Hat (3) US Army Combat Armor (4) US Army General Outfit (1) Ulysses' Duster (2) Ulysses' Mask (2) Valence Radii-Accentuator (5) Vault 11 Jumpsuit (21) Vault 19 Jumpsuit (20) Vault 21 Jumpsuit (5) Vault 22 Jumpsuit (17) Vault 3 Jumpsuit (19) Vault 3 Utility Jumpsuit (6) Vault 34 Jumpsuit (11) Vault 34 Security Armor (7) Vault 34 Security Helmet (7) Vault 66 Jumpsuit (2) Vault 66 Security Vest (1) Vera's Outfit (2) Veteran Decanus Outfit (18) Veteran Helmet (36) Vexillarius Helmet (22) Wasteland Doctor Fatigues (3) Wasteland Settler Outfit (27) Wasteland Surgeon Outfit (4) Wasteland Wanderer Outfit (15) Well-Heeled Gambler Hat (3) Well-Heeled Gambler Suit (2) White Glove Society Attire (2) White Glove Society Mask (2) White Legs Hide Armor (35) White Legs Outfit (38) Yangtze Camp Jumpsuit (6)
Aid: Absinthe (42) Ant Egg (10) Ant Meat (96) Ant Nectar (26) Ant queen pheromones (1) Antivenom (117) Atomic cocktail (96) Auto-inject stimpack (76) Auto-inject super stimpack (49) Banana yucca fruit (247) Barrel cactus fruit (204) Battle brew (7) Beer (528) Big book of science (5) Bighorner meat (100) Bitter drink (38) Black blood sausage (1) Black coffee (3) Blamco Mac & cheese (105) Bleak venom (6) Bloatfly meat (78) Blood pack (12) Blood sausage (467) Blood shield (2) Boxing times (18) Brahmin meat (13) Brahmin steak (83) Brahmin Wellington (1) Broc flower (174) Bubblegum (43) Buffalo gourd seed (150) Buffout (96) Caravan lunch (2) Cateye (39) Cave fungus (421) Cazador egg (15) Chinese army: spec. Ops. Training manual (6) Coyote meat (35) Coyote steak (4) Coyote tobacco chew (65) Cram (188) Crispy squirrelbits (50) Crunchy mutfruit (45) D.c. Journal of internal medicine (4) Dandy boy apples (89) Dark datura (26) Datura antivenom (24) Datura hide (6) Daturana (11) Dean's electronics (6) Desert salad (7) Dirty water (536) Dixon's jet (8) Dixon's whiskey (2) Doctor's bag (126) Dog meat (201) Dog steak (2) Duck and cover! (6) Fancy lads snacks (94) Fire ant egg (3) Fire ant meat (29) Fire ant nectar (7) Fixer (59) Fixin' things (47) Fresh apple (84) Fresh carrot (58) Fresh pear (30) Fresh potato (103) Future weapons today (17) Gecko kabob (5) Gecko meat (245) Gecko steak (56) Giant rat meat (56) Grilled mantis (52) Grognak the barbarian (4) Gum drops (26) Guns and bullets (7) Healing poultice (2) Healing powder (190) Honey mesquite pod (233) Human flesh (48) Hydra (57) Ice cold nuka-cola (6) Iguana bits (57) Iguana on a stick (81) Implant grx (10) Instamash (102) Irr. Banana yucca (7) Irr. Barrel cactus (10) Irr. Crunchy mutfruit (4) Irr. Dandy boy apples (3) Irr. Fancy lads (5) Irr. Gecko meat (4) Irr. Mac & cheese (4) Irr. Pork n' beans (5) Irr. Potato crisps (5) Irr. Salisbury steak (2) Irr. Sugar bombs (1) Irr. Sunset Sars. (9) Irr. Yumyum d. Eggs (2) Irradiated beer (14) Irradiated cram (3) Irradiated instamash (4) Irradiated mutfruit (3) Irradiated potato (30) Irradiated scotch (8) Irradiated water (24) Irradiated whiskey (5) Jake juice (1) JalapeÒo pepper (46) Jet (162) Junk food (113) Lad's life (38) Lakelurk egg (5) Lakelurk meat (13) Locksmith's reader (21) Lying, congressional style (5) Mre (12) Mre (94) Maize (464) Med-x (206) Meeting people (18) Mentats (217) Milsurp review (19) Mole rat meat (58) Mole rat wonder meat (1) Moonshine (7) Mutant cave fungus (38) Mutfruit (58) Ncr emergency radio (1) Nevada agave fruit (174) Nightstalker squeezin's (12) Nightstalker tail (37) Nikola tesla and you (5) Noodles (43) Nuka-cola (414) Nuka-cola quantum (8) Nuka-cola Quartz (29) Nuka-cola victory (15) Party time mentats (1) Patriot's cookbook (27) Pinto bean pod (182) Pinyon nuts (83) Pork n' beans (333) Potato crisps (80) Pre-war steak (5) Preserved meat (18) Prickly pear fruit (251) Programmer's digest (40) Psycho (139) Pugilism illustrated (6) Purified water (599) Rad-x (203) Radaway (245) Radroach meat (29) Rat meat (9) Rebound (106) Roughin' it! Bedroll kit (1) Ruby's casserole (3) Rum & nuka (1) Sacred datura root (105) Salesman weekly (22) Salient green (5) Salisbury steak (64) Scotch (297) Sierra madre martini (6) Snakebite tourniquet (2) Spore carrier sap (17) Spore plant pods (63) Squirrel stew (55) Squirrel on a stick (68) Steady (114) Stealth boy (55) Stimpack (652) Strange meat (5) Strange meat pie (7) Sugar bombs (104) Sunset sarsaparilla (896) Super stimpack (89) Sweetroll (12) Tales of a junktown jerky vendor (6) Thick red paste (3) Thin red paste (401) Today's physician (36) Trail mix (3) Tremble (2) True police stories (16) Tumblers today (5) Turbo (26) Taeles of chivalrie (23) Vodka (246) Wasteland omelet (6) Wasteland survival guide (5) Weapon binding ritual (7) Weapon repair kit (31) Whiskey (322) White horsenettle (92) Wine (388) Xander root (136) Yao guai meat (35) Yumyum deviled eggs (39) !la fantoma! (34)
Misc: "Flour" (2) $100 ncr (36) $20 ncr (144) $5 ncr (388) .44 revolver scope (1) 10 ball (37) 10 of hearts - Sierra madre (1) 13 ball (43) 2 ball (38) 4 of spades - Sierra madre (1) 5 ball (36) 6 of diamonds - Sierra madre (1) 7 of clubs - Sierra madre (1) 7 of hearts - Sierra madre (1) 8 ball (40) 8 of spades - Sierra madre (1) Abraxo cleaner (365) Ace of clubs - Sierra madre (1) Ace of diamonds - Sierra madre (1) Ace of spades - Sierra madre (1) Acoustic guitar (4) Action Abe action figure (3) Ashtray (704) Bark scorpion poison gland (59) Baseball (120) Baseball glove (66) Basketball (27) Bent tin can (1037) Big spoon (36) Bobby pin (476) Bonesaw (58) Brahmin skull (13) Broken detonator (1) Brotherhood of steel holotag (4) Butter knife (245) Camp guardian log page (9) Caravan deck (1) Carton of cigarettes (564) Case, .308 (182) Case, .357 magnum (340) Case, .44 magnum (160) Case, .45 auto (265) Case, .45-70 gov't (231) Case, .50 mg (78) Case, 10mm (706) Case, 12.7mm (284) Case, 5.56mm (688) Case, 5mm (119) Case, 9mm (610) Cazador poison gland (107) Cby. Rep. Custom action (1) Centaur blood (26) Ceramic dinner plate (65) Chessboard (122) Cigarette (335) Clipboard (312) Coffee mug (1485) Coffee pot (184) Complimentary voucher (2) Conductor (292) Container of chlorine (1) Counterfeit bottle cap (18) Coyote hide (17) Crutch (57) Cuddles' toy car (2) Cue ball (42) Cup (578) Cutting board (87) Deactivated bomb collar (11) Dean domino's blackmail tape (1) Deathclaw egg (18) Deathclaw hand (46) Dinner plate (282) Dino toy (37) Distinctive cigarette butt (7) Dog bowl (54) Dog hide (81) Doggie treat (2) Drained electron charge pack (1139) Drained flamer fuel tank (229) Drained microfusion cell (635) Drained small energy cell (489) Drinking glass (632) Earnings clipboard (215) Electric box fuse (3) Embalming fluid (4) Empty jet inhaler (6) Empty nuka-cola bottle (579) Empty soda bottle (355) Empty sunset sarsaparilla bottle (1973) Empty whiskey bottle (737) Engraved cigarette lighter (1) Entertainer pass (1) Evil gnome (1) Eyebot upgrade circuit board (5) Finance clipboard (215) Finger (1) Fire gecko egg (17) Fire gecko hide (67) Firehose nozzle (33) Fission battery (424) Flamer expanded tanks (1) Flour (109) Food additive (1) Fork (309) Gecko egg (5) Gecko hide (27) Glass pitcher (213) Gold bar (37) Golden gecko egg (9) Golden gecko hide (32) Golf ball (7) Gomorrah chip (50) Green gecko egg (3) Green gecko hide (4) Green plate (155) Halford's note (2) Hammer (237) Holotape (9) Hot plate (54) Howitzer firing mechanism (1) Hull, 12 gauge (242) Hull, 20 gauge (589) Infected Brahmin meat (6) Iron (101) Isotope-239 igniting agent (1) Jack of diamonds - Sierra madre (1) Jar of cloud residue (151) Karl's journal (1) Large burned book (365) Large destroyed book (324) Large ruined book (275) Large scorched book (333) Large whiskey bottle (189) Laser rifle focus optics (1) Lawn mower blade (5) Lead (611) Leaf blower (7) Legion aureus (22) Legion denarius (1285) Legion ear (37) Legion patrol notes (1) Legion raid plans (1) Legion slave ledger (1) Lincoln's voice (2) Lottery ticket (7) Lucky 8 ball (1) Lucky casino chip (101265) Maintenance pass (1) Mantis egg (26) Mantis foreleg (182) Mark of Caesar (1) Marked cards (1) Mayor stern's journal 2/2 (1) Medical clipboard (140) Metal cooking pan (141) Metal cooking pot (68) Metal spoon (200) Milk bottle (267) Motorcycle gas tank (7) Motorcycle handbrake (4) Mutilated arm (1) Mutated leg (14) Mutilated organs (12) Mutilated skull (11) Mutilated torso (13) Ncr computer parts (6) Ncr dogtag (32) Ncr radio parts (4) Nightstalker blood (58) Nightstalker egg (55) Ophthalmoscope (11) Pack of cigarettes (672) Paint gun (134) Paperweight (198) Pencil (487) Pilot light (201) Ping pong ball (2) Plasma rifle mag. Accelerator (1) Plunger (174) Pool ball (7) Pot (162) Powder, pistol (2058) Powder, rifle (842) Pre-war book (1116) Pre-war money (1719) Pressure cooker (77) Primer, .50 mg (72) Primer, large pistol (80) Primer, large rifle (50) Primer, shotshell (25) Primer, small pistol (50) Primer, small rifle (40) Queen of clubs - Sierra madre (1) Radscorpion poison gland (141) Rake (14) Rawr's talon (1) Recipes - barter skill book (1) Recipes - energy weapons skill book (1) Recipes - explosives skill book (1) Recipes - medicine skill book (1) Recipes - me lee weapons skill book (1) Recipes - science skill book (1) Recipes - sneak skill book (1) Recipes - speech skill book (1) Recipes - survival skill book (1) Recipes - unarmed skill book (1) Red glare alpha strike (1) Red plate (55) Remote signal transmitter (1) Rocket souvenir (167) Rocket souvenir replica (4) Rollerskate (6) Schematics - billboard (1) Scissors (47) Scripture (1) Sergeant teddy (1) Seymour (1) Sheet music book (1) Shot glass (459) Sierra madre chip (15100) Small burned book (552) Small destroyed book (454) Small ruined book (537) Small scorched book (515) Sniper rifle suppressor (1) Spatula (26) Sport (21) Steam gauge assembly (61) Stress and the modern refugee: a primer (1) Suites security pass (1) Suites security password note (1) Sunset sarsaparilla deputy badge (317) Surgical tubing (157) Svc. Rifle upgraded springs (1) Terminal access card (1) The platinum chip (1) Tin plate (232) Tina (1) Tiny, tiny babies: all you need to know about pediatric medicine (1) Toaster (102) Toy car (140) Triangle (24) Tunneled hide (47) Turpentine (300) Tweezers (51) Vacuum cleaner (43) Vault 13 canteen (1) Vault 22 cave door keycard (1) Vera Keyes' audition (1) Vera's partitures (1) Wasteland survival guide (4) Whet stone (24) White plate (367) Wood chipper (2) Yeast (30) Zion canyon map (1) Sparks (4) Keyring (1)
Ammo: .223 round (20) .22LR Round (1002) .22LR, Hollow Point (882) .22LR, Plinking (100) .308 Round (2947) .308, Armor Piercing (1909) .308, Hollow Point (1122) .357 Magnum Round (7089) .357 Magnum, Hollow Point (1410) .357 Magnum, JFP (Hand Load) (150) .38 Special Round (100) .44 Magnum Round (1771) .44 Magnum, Hollow Point (1334) .45 Auto (543) .45 Auto, +P (75) .45 Auto, Hollow Point (10) .45-70 Gov't (641) .45-70 Gov't, Hollow Point (632) .50 MG (244) .50 MG, Armor Piercing (3002) .50 MG, Incendiary (925) 10mm Round (7271) 10mm, Hollow Point (666) 12 Gauge Round (1111) 12 Gauge, Bean Bag (635) 12 Gauge, Magnum (231) 12 Gauge, Slug (521) 12.7mm Round (855) 12.7mm Round, Hollow Point (645) 20 Gauge Round (1697) 20 Gauge, Magnum (12) 20 Gauge, Slug (4) 25mm Grenade (164) 25mm Grenade, High Explosive (2) 40mm Grenade (352) 40mm Grenade, Incendiary (20) 5.56mm Round (5258) 5.56mm, Armor Piercing (2071) 5.56mm, Hollow Point (868) 5.56mm, Surplus (250) 5mm Round (3818) 5mm, Armor Piercing (2242) 5mm, Surplus (250) 9mm Round (3055) 9mm, Hollow Point (591) Alien Power Cell (524) BB (2149) Camera Film (19) Electron Charge Pack (9358) Electron Charge Pack, Over Charge (2625) Energy Cell (10405) Energy Cell, Bulk (500) Energy Cell, Max Charge (150) Energy Cell, Over Charge (2313) Flamer Fuel (16423) Microfusion Breeder Microfusion Cell (6667) Microfusion Cell, Bulk (25) Microfusion Cell, Over Charge (2236) Mini Nuke (27) Missile (570) Missile, High Explosive (2) Missile, High Velocity (2) Nails (1576) Rocket (763) Rocket, High Explosive Rocket, Incendiary (4)
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MPX Bioceutical Corp. (MPX/MPXEF) - Geographic Footprint and Addressable Markets

MPX Bioceutical Corp. (MPX/MPXEF) - Geographic Footprint and Addressable Markets
I wanted to get a better understanding of MPX Bioceutical's U.S. footprint and addressable markets
MPX hasn't updated their investor presentation since November 06, 2017 (Slide 8 for MPX Operations) so I used press releases, old interviews/investor calls, and cursory Google searches.
I suck at formatting so apologies in advance.
*MPX Dispensary Distribution: *MPX-Owned Dispensaries: *Health for Life Locations *The Holistic Center *Melting Point Extracts - Arizona Locations
Current Market Share in Arizona (March 28, 2018) - 24:12 ~7-8%
MPX Concentrates Dispensary Distribution
  1. Health for Life (Crismon) - Mesa, AZ (MPX-Owned) 9949 E Apache Trail, Mesa, AZ 85207 (Opened April 6, 2018)
  2. Health for Life (East) - Mesa, AZ (MPX-Owned) 7343 S 89th Pl, Mesa, AZ 85212
  3. Health for Life (North) - Mesa, AZ (MPX-Owned) 5550 E McDowell Rd, Mesa, AZ 85215
  4. The Holistic Center AZ - Phoeniz, AZ (MPX-Owned) 21035 N Cave Creek Rd C-5, Phoenix, AZ 85024
  5. Catalina Hills Care - Tucson, AZ 12152 N Rancho Vistoso Blvd, Oro Valley, AZ 85755
  6. Green Hills Patient Center - Show Low, AZ 3191 S White Mountain Rd, Show Low, AZ 85901
  7. High Desert Healing - Lake Havasu, AZ 1691 Industrial Blvd, Lake Havasu City, AZ 86403
  8. Kompo - Taylor, AZ 600 Centennial Blvd, Snowflake, AZ 85937
  9. Leaf Life - Casa Grande, AZ 1860 N Salk Dr B1, Casa Grande, AZ 85122
  10. Metro Meds - Phoenix, AZ 10040 N Metro Pkwy W, Phoenix, AZ 85051
  11. OASIS - Chandler, AZ 26427 S Arizona Ave #8223, Chandler, AZ 85248
  12. The Good Dispensary - Mesa, AZ 1842 W Broadway Rd, Mesa, AZ 85202
  13. The Mint Dispensary - Tempe, AZ 5210 S Priest Dr, Tempe, AZ 85283
  14. The Prime Leaf - Tucson, AZ 4220 E Speedway Blvd, Tucson, AZ 85712
  15. Uncle Herbs Dispensary - Payson, AZ 200 N Tonto St, Payson, AZ 85541
  16. Urban Greenhouse - Phoenix, AZ 2630 W Indian School Rd, Phoenix, AZ 85017
  17. Yavapai Herbal Services - Cottonwood, AZ 675 E State Route 89A Cottonwood, AZ 86326
  18. Botanica - Tucson, AZ 6205 N Travel Center Drive Tucson, AZ 85741
Relocated Production Facility: North Mesa, AZ
Annual Capacity
*Phase One - 150,000 grams of MPX-branded products (Currently in Operation) *Phase Two - 400,000+ grams (Scheduled for completion in calendar Q3 2018) *Phase Three - 800,000+ grams (Schedule for completion in calendar Q4 2018)
New production facility will increase production capacity 2-4x: 11:31 , 25:11
March 05, 2018 - MPX Signs Definitive Agreement to Expand Its Footprint in Arizona -
  • “This acquisition represents a solid addition to our industry and presence in Arizona, a State that offers MPX one of the best-regulated, yet industry-supportive markets in the country,” said W. Scott Boyes, MPX’s Chairman, President and CEO. “The entities being acquired have recorded trailing 12-month revenues of US$15 million and EBITDA of approximately US$3.5 million and its results will be immediately accretive to MPX earnings. Furthermore, the acquired companies are well-managed and will allow both parties to share best practises and benefit from the ability to share purchase economies. With the pending opening of our Apache Junction dispensary, the addition of the Holistic Center, will bring the number of dispensaries managed by MPX in the greater Phoenix market to four, will more than double our cultivation capacity and will materially complement our management team in the State. Adding to our critical mass of operations, this acquisition will add to MPX’s ability to benefit from purchasing economies, spread the administrative overhead costs over a larger revenue base and provide cash flows to support additional growth.”
April 03, 2018 - Mpx Enjoys Record Monthly Revenue of Cdn$5.2 Million in Arizona
  • Beth Stavola, COO and President of MPX’s U.S. operations, adds “With our fourth dispensary opening soon in the Apache Junction suburb and our expanded concentrate production facilities coming on-stream this month, we expect to see our Arizona revenues continue to expand over the next several fiscal quarters. The Arizona program is well-regulated by AZDHS, the patient count continues to grow, the supply and cost of flower and trim for re-sale and concentrate production is excellent and, while the Phoenix area market is increasingly competitive, retail prices and margins remain attractive. This is a great state for MPX to conduct business in.”
April 09, 2018 - MPX Adds a Fourth Dispensary in Phoenix and Triples Capacity for MPX Concentrate Production in Arizona
TORONTO, April 09, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- MPX Bioceutical Corporation (“MPX” or the “Company”) (CSE:MPX) (OTC:MPXEF) is pleased to announce that the official opening of the its newest “Health for Life” medical marijuana dispensary in the Metropolitan Phoenix area, located at the junction of E. Main and Crimson in the suburb of Apache Junction. This brings the number of dispensaries under MPX management in Arizona’s Sun Valley to four. The Crimson dispensary will meet the needs of patients in this comparatively underserviced southeast quadrant of the region by making available the full spectrum of MPX concentrates, an extensive variety of cannabis flower, and a broad selection of 3rd party, processed cannabis-infused edibles.
The Company also announces that it has relocated the processing and production of MPX concentrates to a new location in North Mesa. Phase one of the build-out at this facility, now in operation, will immediately double the current production capacity of MPX-branded products in Arizona to approximately 150,000 grams annually. The second phase scheduled for completion early in calendar Q3 will increase potential production to over 400,000 grams per year and the final phase expected in calendar Q4 will result in annualized capacity increasing to a total in excess of 800,000 grams annually with a wholesale value (at current prices) of approximately US$18 million.
Arizona Medical Marijuana Patient Numbers:
*- 152,979 (Current through 12/31/17)
*- 162,528 (March 2018) , Reports
Arizona is the 14th most populous state - 7,016,270 (Population estimate, July 1, 2017)
Phoenix is the fifth most populated city
Population: 1,615,017 (2016 estimate) , U.S. Census Bureau , World Population Review
*MPX Dispensary Distribution (Nevada): *MPX Dispensary Distribution (Las Vegas, Nevada): *(Greenmart of Nevada - Where To Find Us) *[(Acquired October 13, 2017](
  • January 31, 2018 - 4:27 - 30,000 sq. ft. cultivation and laboratory for MPX concentrates
  • March 28, 2018 - 11:46
In Nevada, our production capacity has been limited by the availability of raw material, of biomass. And most of our product produced there has been sold 2-3 weeks in advance.
MPX Dispensary Distribution *Melting Point Extracts - Nevada Locations *(Greenmart of Nevada - Where To Find Us)
  1. Acres Cannabis - Las Vegas, NV 2320 Western Ave, Las Vegas, NV 89102
  2. Black Jack Collective Delivery - Las Vegas, NV 1860 Western Ave, Las Vegas, NV 89102
  3. Blum - Reno, NV 1085 S. Virginia St. Suite A Reno, NV 89502
  4. Blum Western - Las Vegas, NV 1921 Western Ave, Las Vegas, NV 89102
  5. Blum Decatur - Las Vegas, NV 3650 S Decatur Blvd, Las Vegas, NV 89103
  6. Blum Desert Inn - Las Vegas, NV 1130 E Desert Inn Rd, Las Vegas, NV 89109
  7. Canopi (Southwest) - Las Vegas, NV 6540 Blue Diamond Rd, Las Vegas, NV 89139
  8. Cannacopia - Las Vegas, NV 6332 S Rainbow Blvd #105, Las Vegas, NV 89118
  9. Deep Roots Harvest - Mesquite, NV 195 Willis Carrier Canyon, Mesquite, NV 89034
  10. Essence (Henderson) - Henderson, NV 4300 E. Sunset Road Suite A3 Henderson, NV 89014
  11. Essence (Las Vegas Strip) - Las Vegas, NV 2307 S Las Vegas Blvd, Las Vegas, NV 89104
  12. Essence (West) - Las Vegas, NV 5765 W Tropicana Ave, Las Vegas, NV 89103
  13. Euphoria Wellness, Las Vegas, NV 7780 S Jones Blvd, Ste 105 Las Vegas, NV 89139-6489
  14. Inyo Fine Cannabis - Las Vegas, NV 2520 S Maryland Pkwy #2, Las Vegas, NV 89109
  15. Jardin - Las Vegas, NV 2900 E Desert Inn Rd #102, Las Vegas, NV 89121
  16. Jenny's Dispensary (North Las Vegas) - North Las Vegas, NV 5530 N Decatur Blvd, Las Vegas, NV 89130
  17. Jenny's Dispensary (Henderson) - Henderson, NV 10420 S Eastern Ave, Henderson, NV 89052
  18. Las Vegas Releaf - Las Vegas, NV 2244 Paradise Rd. Las Vegas, NV 89104
  19. Nevada Wellness Center - Las Vegas, NV 3200 S Valley View Blvd, Las Vegas, NV 89102
  20. NuLeaf (Lake Tahoe) - Lake Tahoe, NV 877 Tahoe Blvd, Incline Village, NV 89451
  21. NuLeaf (Las Vegas) - Las Vegas, NV 430 E Twain Ave, Las Vegas, NV 89169
  22. Oasis Cannabis - Las Vegas, NV 1800 Industrial Rd #180, Las Vegas, NV 89102
  23. Reef Western - Las Vegas, NV 3400 Western Ave, Las Vegas, NV 89109
  24. Rise Dispensary - Carson City, NV 135 E Clearview Dr #119, Carson City, NV 89701
  25. Sierra Wellness Connection (Reno) - Reno, NV 1605 E 2nd St #103, Reno, NV 89502
  26. Sierra Wellness Connection (Carson City) - Carson City, NV 2765 US Highway 50E Carson City, NV 89701
  27. Silver Sage Wellness - Las Vegas, NV 4626 W Charleston Blvd Las Vegas, NV 89102
  28. The Apothecarium - Las Vegas, NV 7885 W. Sahara Ave #112 Las Vegas, NV 89117
  29. The Apothecary Shoppe - Las Vegas, NV 4240 W. Flamingo Rd. No. 100 Las Vegas, NV 89103
  30. The Dispensary (Decatur) - Las Vegas, NV 5347 S. Decatur Blvd. Las Vegas, NV 89118
  31. The Dispensary (Henderson) - Henderson, NV 50 N Gibson Rd #170, Henderson, NV 89014
  32. The Dispensary (Reno) - Reno, NV 100 W. Plumb Lane Reno, NV 89509
  33. The Grove - Las Vegas, NV 4647 Swenson Street Las Vegas, NV 89119
  34. The Source (Henderson) - Henderson, NV 9480 S Eastern Ave #185, Las Vegas, NV 89123
  35. The Source (Las Vegas) - Las Vegas, NV 2550 S Rainbow Blvd #8, Las Vegas, NV 89146
  36. Thrive (Downtown) - Las Vegas, NV 1112 S Commerce St, Las Vegas, NV 89102
  37. Thrive (North Las Vegas) - Las Vegas, NV 2755 W Cheyenne Ave #103, North Las Vegas, NV 89032
  38. Top Notch THC - Las Vegas, NV 5630 Stephanie St, Las Vegas, NV 89122
  39. Zen Leaf - Las Vegas, NV 9120 W Post Rd #103, Las Vegas, NV 89148
Population: 2,998,039 (Population estimate, July 1, 2017
U.S. Census Bureau
Nevada Medical Marijuana Patient Numbers:
*- 23,489 (Current through 12/31/17)
*- 21,759 (February 2018) , Reports
Nevada is the 34th most populous state - 2,998,039 (Population estimate, July 1, 2017)
Las Vegas is the 28th-most populated city
Population: 632.912 (2016 estimate) , U.S. Census Bureau , World Population Review
Las Vegas Tourism
Las Vegas Convention and Visitors Authority - Las Vegas Visitor Statistics *- Year End Summary for 2017: 42,214,200 *- Year-to-Date Summary 2018 (As of Apr 20, 2018) - 10,274,100
*MPX Dispensary Distribution (Massachusetts):
*MPX Dispensary Distribution (New England):
  • Dispensaries 2 of 3 dispensaries disclosed: Fall River, Attleborough
  • Production Facility: Fall River, MA (40,000 - 50,000 sq. ft. cultivation and production facility)
  • Dispensaries: 3 (Approved for building, 1 in Fall River, 1 in Attleborough, 1 still being targeted)
  • 3rd dispensary targets:
  • October 14, 2017 - 34:08 - Near Wynn Casino, 34:50 - Third dispensary target: "Near Revere, not right in the city itself"
  • January 31, 2018 - 6:13 - "Right now we are searching for third location. We've got a number of really good prospects there."
  • March 28, 2018 - 16:29 - "I think we're pretty close on number three. It is a great location and I'm gonna refrain from mentioning the town but it's a great population."
MPX-owned Dispensaries
  1. Cannatech Medicinals, Inc.,- Fall River 160 Hartwell St, Fall River, MA 02721 (Under construction) April 11, 2018 -
  2. Cannatech Medicinals, Inc.,- Attoboro 220 Oneil Blvd, Attleboro, MA 02703 (Under construction)
The company, which is building a facility to grow and process marijuana for medicine, sold 51 percent of its real estate and management companies to The Canadian Bioceutical Corp., for $5.1 million. The agreement was announced Tuesday.
The company is in the process of building a 50,000-square-foot facility on Innovation Way, next door to Amazon and Mass Biologics, the medical research and testing facility run by the University of Massachusetts.
  • TORONTO, Ontario, June 15, 2017 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- The Canadian Bioceutical Corporation (the “Company” or “BCC”) (CSE:BCC) (OTC:CBICF) today announced that further to its press release of April 4, 2017, the Company, through its wholly-owned subsidiary CGX Life Sciences, Inc. (CGX), has completed the acquisition of a 51% interest in IMT, LLC and Fall River Developments, LLC (“FRD”), Massachusetts registered companies active in the cannabis space.
The marijuana industry has become a popular spot for Fall River.
According to MPX Bioceutical Corp, construction of a 40,000 square foot marijuana cultivation/processing facility on Innovation Way in Fall River, Massachusetts is targeted to be complete in the summer of this year with cultivation beginning in the third quarter of 2018. Cannatech Medicinals, who is owned by MPX Bioceutical Corp, has been working on the facility next to Amazon.
They have also commenced construction on the first of three dispensaries in Massachusetts, including one at 160 Hartwell Street in Fall River near the Applebee’s restaurant. The Hartwell Street location will get their supply from the Innovation Way facility.
CannaTech Medicinals; Hope, Heal, Health; and Northeast Alternatives will all be in the running for licenses to grow and sell marijuana for the recreational market. Recreational sales are scheduled to start July 1.
CannaTech Medicinals is building a 50,000-square-foot growing facility and processing laboratory in the biopark on Innovation Way. It is also building a dispensary off Hartwell Street.
Massachusetts Medical Marijuana Patient Numbers:
*- 45,505 (Current through 12/31/17)
*- 48,265 - (March 31 2018) - Massachusetts Medical Use of Marijuana Program snapshot
Massachusetts Medical Use of Marijuana Program snapshot
  • Under "RMD information", the current status of all registered marijuana dispensaries and applicants through April 27 2018 - Entries #35-37 - Cannatech Medicinals, Inc.:
*- Only two of three have "Proposed Dispensary Locations" (Fall River, Attleboro)
*- No siting profile has been submitted for the third dispensary yet, invited to submit on December 12, 2017 (same date as Attleboro)
Massachusetts is the 15th most populous state
Boston is the 22nd most populated city in the U.S. and most populated in New England
Population: 673,184 (2016 estimate) , U.S. Census Bureau ,
Not to mention the populations from surrounding states and tourism.
*- Managing dispensaries under Health for Life brand
*- MPX-Owned Dispensary Distribution (Maryland):
*- Melting Point Extracts - Maryland Locations (None available yet)
From the press releases below, I gather:
  • 1 production facility in Gaithersburg/Montgomery Country (through Rosebud Organics/Budding Rose, Inc.) (January 8, 2018) - No square footage provided. However,
  • January 08, 2018 - The facility is completely built-out and when fully operational will be capable of producing 825,000 grams of MPX-branded cannabis concentrates per annum.
*- Possibly at: 4909 Fairmont Ave Bethesda, MD 20814
*- Under "Pre-Approved Dispensaries": GreenMart of Maryland (District 6: Baltimore County)
*- Under "Pre-Approved Dispensaries": LMS Wellness BLLC (District 8: Baltimore County)
*- Under "Pre-Approved Dispensaries": Budding Rose, LLC (District 16: Montgomery County)
*- Under "Licensed Processors (as of April 10, 2018): Rosebud Organics LLC (Montgomery County)
*- Under "Pre-Approved Processors": Rosebud Organics, LLC (Montgomery County)
I'm guessing that they will be selling MPX concentrates through these dispensaries as they have done in Arizona and Nevada once their production facility is operational. I'll wait for the press release and theMelting Point Extracts site to update before factoring that into their footprint.
  • MPX Bioceutical Corporation (the “Company” or “MPX”) (CSE:MPX) (OTC:MPXEF) today announced that the Company, through its indirect wholly-owned subsidiary, S8 Management, LLC (“S8 Management”), is entering into a management agreement (the “Management Agreement”) with LMS Wellness, Benefit LLC (“LMS”) which will result in MPX building and managing a full service medical cannabis dispensary in the White Marsh suburb of Baltimore, Maryland.
Photo caption: A medical marijuana company has signed a lease for the space at 4909 Fairmont Ave., next to the mural.
A medical marijuana dispensary is coming to a long-dormant space on Fairmont Avenue in downtown Bethesda.
Rich Greenberg, of Greenhill Capital, which owns the building, said Budding Rose LLC signed the lease for the roughly 1,900-square-foot space about six months ago. He said work is ongoing to fit out the interior to meet the dispensary’s needs, and he wasn’t sure when the shop would be ready to open.
The management agreements with Budding Rose and Rosebud will result in MPX subsidiaries now operating three medical cannabis enterprises in the State of Maryland. The first management agreement with LMS Wellness, Benefit LLC was announced on December 12, 2017. Rosebud is one of only 14 licenses issued to process cannabis derivatives in the State of Maryland. The facility is completely built-out and when fully operational will be capable of producing 825,000 grams of MPX-branded cannabis concentrates per annum.
Budding Rose will operate a dispensary in a high-traffic area of downtown Bethesda, Maryland, in close proximity to the Walter Reed Military Medical Center and National Institutes of Health. Bethesda, Maryland is located within the Capital Beltway and is one of the wealthiest communities in the Capital Region. The dispensary is currently under construction and is expected to be operational in late February of this year.
GreenMart will operate a dispensary, under the “Health for Life” brand, in a high-traffic area of Baltimore, Maryland, situated off of North Point Road in the community of Colgate. The location is conveniently located near Interstate Routes 695, 95 and US Route 40 and a 15-minute drive from Baltimore’s Inner Harbour, Canton Waterfront, Federal Hill, and Fells Point. Within 2 miles of the location sits Johns Hopkins Bayview Medical Center, a teaching hospital within the world renowned John Hopkins Health System. GreenMart has been welcomed and supported by the community leaders of Colgate. The dispensary is currently under construction and is expected to be operational in April 2018 of this year.
Maryland Medical Marijuana Patient Numbers:
*- 18,000+ (Current through 12/15/17)
*- 17,000+ (March 20, 2018)
  • More than 17,000 consumers in Maryland have registered for medical marijuana.
Maryland is the 19th most populated state - 6,052,177 (Population estimate, July 1, 2017) , U.S. Census Bureau
Baltimore is the 30th most populated city
Population: 614,664 (2016 estimate) , U.S. Census Bureau , World Population Review
Training/staffing/spreading themselves too thin:
*- March 28, 2018 - 25:56
Future Targets *- January 31, 2018 - 10:03 *- November 2017 Presentation: Michigan, New Jersey, Ohio
California *- March 28, 2018 - March MPX Bioceutical Q3 Investor Call: March 8, 2018 California 15:53, 33:45
Ohio *- March 28, 2018 - 14:32 - Five applications in Ohio.
New Jersey
*- January 25, 2018 - Beth Stavola, MPX COO is invited by NJ Governor Murphy as a Marijuana Industry Leader during the signing of an executive order which would ease access to medical marijuana in the State.
*- 1:14 - "Beth, this one is for you. You represent not just you but the whole industry"
*- January 31, 2018 - [Beth Stavola MPX Bioceuticals Interview with New Cannabis Ventures - 10:14](]
*- March 28, 2018 - 14:54
Keep in mind they're in only four states right now and currently operating in two. There are other U.S operators with multi-state footprints (IAN, CRZ, LHS, MRMD, etc.).
A few private players:
*1) Acreage Holdings - 11 States,
*2) Columbia Care - 9 States + D.C and Puerto Rico,
*3) Green Thumb Industries (GTI) - 5 States,
*4) Cresco Labs - 4 States.
Also, there are the other companies with agreements/operations in both the U.S. and Canada (CRZ, SNN).
Once their RTO (April 30, 2018) is completed, MedMen will have the highest addressable market of the publicly traded U.S. operators (CA - 39.5 million, NY - 19.8 million, NV - 2.9 million, Canada - 35 million through their JV with Cronos). Not too mention the number of visitors each of those markets get annually.
That being said, of the current public companies, I think they give good multi-state exposure in the U.S. in markets with high population density]( This doesn't even factoring their Canadian exposure once they get operating. We'll see where they stand in the U.S. market if they're able to execute on the Massachusetts, Maryland, and Canadian operations. Also, remember they're pushing the MPX concentrates brand and are set to get exposure on both coasts.
I can't speak on their capital structure or financials. Some other users can discuss that.
Arizona - Operating
*- MPX Dispensary Distribution:
*- MPX-Owned Dispensaries:
Nevada - Operating
*- MPX Dispensary Distribution (Nevada):
*- MPX Dispensary Distribution (Las Vegas, Nevada):
Massachusetts - Building/Not currently operating
*- MPX Dispensary Distribution (Massachusetts):
*- MPX Dispensary Distribution (New England):
Maryland - Building/Not currently operating
*- MPX-Owned Dispensary Distribution (Maryland):
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On the LV incident

Stephen Paddock's employment history was largely with government, and featured an unusual career progression. He started off with an entry level position in the Postal Service, then transferred to the IRS, then wound up working for Morton-Thiokol, a defense contractor that specialized in rockets and aircraft systems. He officially retired in 1988, but continued to earn millions of dollars in over the years (allegedly from gambling), owning numerous homes and at least two aircraft stored in two different locations.
One of the aircraft he owned, a Cirrus SR20 (a common medium range 4-seater), registration number N5343M, was Paddock's from 2006-2010, until the registration was changed to Volant LLC (headquarted in Roanoke VA or Chantilly, VA, a hop skip and a jump from Langley or the National Reconnaissance Office, respectively). From here, the waters get a little murky. Read the following passage and take its conclusions with a grain of salt:
"Many of the wounded and witnesses from the Route 91 Harvest Festival have expressed their dismay at online harassment from alter-universe trolls who claim that the shooting never happened in a stage play by so-called “crisis actors”. This absurd theory, stated in barbaric disregard for the families of the dead, is not the opinion of a mere few deranged individuals; it's a repressive tactic of state-sponsored psychological warfare. If anything the online psy-op proves once again the foresight of the founding fathers who drafted the amendments to the Constitution in warning against the lust for power of a centralized state attempting to impose absolutist tyranny on a sovereign society.
The federal muzzling of local law enforcement in Las Vegas is a strong signal of the untrammeled powers of the federal intelligence agencies, which are largely responsible for the influx of fanatic foreign elements loyal to ISIS, Al Qaeda and other anti-democratic forces, even to the point of recruiting them into the U.S. armed forces and police agencies. The slaughter in Las Vegas was the outcome of the thinly concealed immigration alliance with jihadist oil mongering Arab states against the core American citizenry, especially those so-called “fans of country music” who are the most versed of all in the Constitution and its underlying values (as opposed to the mindless and cynical book-waving by that Pakistani ally of terrorism Khizer “Kaiser” Khan of Charlottesville, Virginia).
To protect their power and privileges, the elitist politicians and high bureaucrats in Washington D.C. are acting in ways no different from King George III who unloosed Hessian mercenaries on the colonies, even forcing American families to quarter those armed foreign spies inside their own homes.
Today, the same is being done through the localization of cyber-espionage in every state by the political cabal that is eager to oust the populist-elected president and install instead the chosen successor of the Clinton regime, Virginia Governor Terence “Terry” McAuliffe, the would-be dictator in the eye of the destructive hurricane sweeping across the United States.
This essay in the continuing series on Las Vegas 10/01 explores the centrality of McAuliffe’s fiefdom in the Commonwealth of Virginia to the military contractor role of the fall guy Stephen Paddock, along with the governor’s support for NSA federalization of the state National Guards as the front-line surveillance force to quell citizen-based democracy in every town and village from coast-to-coast. The present military cyber offensive, as shown in the Vegas cover-up, is every bit as threatening as the Red Coat invasion force at Lexington and Concord, and therefore given the moral-ethical surrender of traditional journalism, it is up to the Minutemen of the online media, and perhaps soon by shortwave radio, to defend a democracy under attack and in danger of extinction.
Ownership Transfer of the Plane
Online attempts to probe the background to the ownership of the Cirrus SR20 aircraft, registered under the name of Stephen Paddock for covert ops, have met with obfuscation from Pentagon trolls, who point out that the plane was sold to Volant LLC, owned by one John W. Roberts of Roanoke, Virginia. The key point being raised is that the limited liability (private) company should not be confused with Volant Associates LLC, a defense contractor. To understand this odd matter of the two Volants, let’s jump into the devilish details of provenance or successive ownership as listed at the FAA registry, which has been altered from the original longer version, which I cite here.
That single-engine prop plane was acquired by a Stephen Paddock of Henderson, near Lake Mead in the state of Nevada, on 2 June 2006. The Henderson Executive Airport was opened in the mid-1990s for small private planes as a back-up for crowded McCarren International on the south end of the Vegas Strip, right by the Tropicana, Hooters, New York New York and the Mandalay Bay, directly adjoining the site of the Route 91 Harvest Festival (all of these venues were sites of shooting on October 1). Henderson, on the southern tip of Nevada, is the sort of nondescript quiet town that Paddock preferred whenever making real-estate purchases, indicating his operaton of a trading business that demanded no witnesses.
A year later, on 25 May 2007, Paddock switched the registration address to Mesquite, Texas, a suburb east of Dallas with its own small Mesquite Metro Airport. Fort Worth hosts the Naval Air Station Fort Worth Joint Reserve Base (JRB) and the Lockheed-USAF Plant 4, a center for tech security. Although at greater distance from the Mexican border, compared with San Antonio or El Paso, the Cirrus has a 700-plus mile range and parking it in Henderson would have attracted no notice from DEA agents and the U.S. Border Patrol.
Nearly three years later, on 13 February 2010, the plane ownership was transferred—apparently merely on paper—to a company called UHS in Los Angeles. The acronym stands for Universal Student Housing, which is something of low-cost AirBnB for young people from foreign countries to stay in homes or apartments owned by Latinos, no questions asked. Human trafficking questions aside, the business operator is named Emerson Farias Torres who operates out of his apartment.
This modest businessman who kindly shelters DACA illegals becomes even more interesting because until 2009 Torres was the U.S. license holder for Jesa Air LLC, the U.S. branch of the Panama-registered Jesa Air West Africa. The tiny airline was owned by the Rhodesia-born mercenary and apartheid South African Air Force pilot Neal Ellis. His colorful career included helicopter piloting in the CIA’s Bosnia war against Serbian armed forces, a stint with the UK-based Executive Outcomes in Sierra Leone, and George W Bush’s invasion of Iraq. In the air-to-ground combat against West African rebels, the legendary merc Ellis befriended retired Lt. Col. Brian Boquist, the CEO of International Charter Incorporated (ICI) of Oregon, which fought in Liberia under contract with DynCorp. Two peas in the pod, they were jolly good buddies.
At the moment of Paddock’s paper “sale” of the Cirrus aircraft to Torres’ youth hostels, Obama’s Attorney General Eric Holder and the DHS-run Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives Bureau (ATF) were two years into the Fast and Furious gun-walking transfer to the Mexico drug mafia along the Arizona and Texas border. That little ole airport in Mesquite was getting as hot as a charcoal-fired barbecue pit. In Los Angeles (Paddock was a graduate of Cal State Northridge), a location for plausible deniability over a plane with paperwork in Panama. “You see, senor, I’m just flying in Panama hats to sell to touristas on Olivera Street, comprendez?”
In a similar vein, the London address of Jena Air international is 55 Prince’s Gate, Exhibition Road along with 208 other paper companies. To learn more on how to operate your own private air force, look up the documentary film “Shadow Company”.
Stop here a moment to ask: “How come nobody’s raised these issues before?” Answer: Mainly because your press corps are all crisis actors in role of the deaf and dumb.
Then on 10 December 2010, the same plane is registered in Chantilly, Virginia, under Stephen C. Paddock and a John W. Rogers. Then on 30 August 2013, following the gunshot death of ATF forensic expert Paul Parisi in Chantilly, the plane is relocated to Roanoke, Virginia, a distance of 220 miles (355 km), under sole ownership of Volant LLC owned by a John W. Rogers. Obviously, then, Paddock and Rogers must have had some acquaintance with each other.
Two John W. Rogers are listed in Roanoke:
the first is a cancer surgeon at several Virginia hospitals, notably the Carilion Roanoke Memorial Hospital, which has a working relationship with the nearby Salem Veterans Affairs Medical Center; and
the second John W. Rogers appears to be a fictitious identity created by a John J. Rogers, a newcomer to Virginia from East Palo Alto, a predominantly low-income African-American community “on the other side of Silicon Valley”, and he has since moved to a more affordable part of Virginia with several family members.
So what is a well-respected oncologist, who provides radiation treatment and chemotherapy for cancer patients, doing parking Paddock’s surreptitious aircraft on the tarmac at Roanoke for nearly three years until its sole flight just three weeks prior to the Las Vegas shootings?
To get at the answer, we must first probe into: What’s the difference between Volant Associates LLC and Dr. Rogers’ Volant LCC?
Do you have a credit card for a swipe? Because that’s how far apart these entities are, despite protestations to the contrary from the trolls in the employ of the Pentagon psychological warfare division. It’s called compartmentalization.
The word Volant has a nice ring to it, sounding like a contraction of “volunteers” but, alas, there’s neither connection nor connotation in this case of professional military operations. Translated from French, it means “flying”, although the term is closer to gliding. It is most frequently used for animals that glide despite their inability to sustain flight: for example a volant squirrel, those brave little creatures. “Volant” is also used to describe military airlift operations delivering troops and ground vehicles to the battlefield, such as Volant Solo and the many Volants combined with the names of trees, such as Volant Pine.
For our purpose of tracking down who and what killed Stephen Paddock and 60+ others in Las Vegas, there’s only one definition with any bearing to the case: Col. Adam Volant, a long-serving Army officer with the National Security Agency at its headquarters in Fort Meade, Maryland, and present commander of Task Force Echo, which is deploying a massive National Guard-implemented domestic cyber-warfare and surveillance operation on American soil.
Col. Volant, who wears many hats, is a active service officer in the reserves, the head of the alumni association of Virginia Military Institute (VMI), a sponsor of a “non-profit group”, and a security adviser to U.S. President-in-waiting Terry McAuliffe, the Clinton loyalist who serves as governor of Virginia.
Volant Associates LLC, the now-infamous Pentagon network-systems contractor, which requires all its employees to have top-secret clearances is his “non-profit organization,” which has been awarded tens of millions of dollars in military contracts for network security of critical infrastructure and military facilities, a mandate that includes massive cyber-surveillance, which is now being deployed to an initial eight states by the newly hatched National Guard domestic spy organization. (The Guardsmen have traditionally been “weekend warriors” but at least since the Iraq War the so-called state militia has evolved into a full-time professional fighting force controlled by the Pentagon with most of its funding from the federal government.
What possibly could cancer surgeon John Rogers’ Volant LLC have to do with this watchdog program for militarization of the domestic civilian Internet and social media?
Unbeknownst to most of his civilian patients, Dr. Rogers is a military surgeon and a Lieutenant Colonel in the USAF Reserves. His caretaker role for Paddock’s plane is either based on a military arrangement or off-duty criminal activity as a favor for some past cooperation in the distribution of prescription drugs. Buying a plane only to park it makes no sense otherwise.
If the Roanoke Airport arrangement is indeed military, then Dr. Rogers must have some military-intelligence role. Advanced military systems including electronic warfare, X-band radar and chemical warfare exercises all entail exposure to cancer risks, so one question is whether a National Guard oncologist is supposed to act like a company doctor to explain away the consequences of occupational risks, as happened with Gulf War Syndrome. The Veterans Administration hospital system has been heavily criticized for negligence and mismanagement, and it is striking that the surgeon is so stretched between civilian and military hospitals, some of those sites quite distant from Virginia. Signing papers to park a plane is not much different than writing a prescription for a headache.
Although he’s never flown Paddock’s Cirrus, Lt. Col. Rogers may well be a pilot of military-operated aircraft since his Volant LLC has offices in six other towns, nearly all with or near Veterans Administration hospitals: Baton Rouge, Louisiana; Delmar, New York; Naples, Florida; Randolph, Minnesota; Stoughton, Wisconsin; and Salt Lake City, Utah.
-Delmar, New York, near his alma mater of Hobart College in the Finger Lakes region, with its privately own Cross’ Farm Airport and the Cross Excavating Corporation, and nearby casinos, and Delmar is near Albany’s large VA facility.
-Randolph, Minnesota, a small town of 430 residents near Minneapolis, is located in Dakota County where the Rosemount National Guard Armory, home base of the 34th Infantry Division’s 634th Military Intelligence Battalion. VA hospital.
-Dane County, Wisconsin, which includes Stoughton, is home to the Truax Air National Guard base in and also “Ron Weyer” (real name: Ronald Van Den Huevel, Clinton-Bush-CIA money launderer) and Wally Hilliard, owner of the Huffman Aviation School, operated by Rudi Dekker in Venice and Naples, Florida, and Fort Worth Spinks Airport at Burlson, Texas. Ditto VA.
-Naples, Florida, is home of one of Rudi Dekker’s two flight schools, where Mohamed Atta learned to pilot aircraft. The VA is also there, perhaps to provide first aid to Saudi and Egyptian pilots who crash their planes.
-Baton Rouge, Louisiana, north of his medical school in his hometown of New Orleans, is surrounded by a massive number of heavily armed National Guard bases, that can overwhelm most of the world’s armies, including a chemical-weapons unit, where cancer is an occupational hazard.
-Salt Lake City, the Utah Air National Guard, as big as most air forces with VA center.
The questions arising from Lt. Col. Rogers’ far-flung business registrations are similar to the many properties owned by Stephen Paddock across the country. Could there be some covert military intelligence rationale behind the geographic spread? Volant LLC and Volant Associates LLC look to be paper planes in a much larger covert operation being sent aloft from the highest levels of the NSA. If the volant operation is regime change, Dr. Rogers and Col. Volant both risk elimination for knowing too much, as happened their associate Paddock in Vegas."
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‪In Depth Theory: Stephen Paddock wasn’t the Vegas shooter. He was offered money to stockpile guns for another criminal, and upon meeting at the hotel, was shot in the head and the criminal carried out the killing.‬

This is a theory I came up with three or four days after the shooting when the police were unable to find any motive whatsoever from Paddock. To this day, no motive has been ascribed to him.
Here’s the theory.
This is the biggest factor pointing to there being a second actor. Police are stumped as to what happened to his hard drive. It’s no where to be found in the hotel and missing from his computer.
*Patting his pocket to check for the hard drive, the Vegas shooter slips away into a bathroom, where he hunkers down with his hands over his head and pretends to be hiding from gunfire. Later, he leaves the hotel as police find Paddock’s dead body surrounded by an arsenal of exhausted, heated, guns.
Largest evidence supporting the theory
1) Missing hard drive, not missing computer.
You’d think that if Paddock acted alone and still wanted to dispose of the computer, he would’ve done so WITH the hard drive. Why would he carry around a hard drive-less computer? A person slipping away wouldn’t want to be carrying a computer, but a hard drive? That can be easily concealed.
Regardless of this theory, the fact that Paddock would want to hide the hard drive is astounding evidence that he was in contact with others to plan the shooting.
2) Lack of a motive
Why would a wealthy man, not indebted, never committing criminal acts, never showing signs of illness, quit life murdering en mass? It doesn’t check out and the police still can’t find anything.
3) Why would a shooter keep ammunition in the parking lot?
Reports say that he kept explosives and ammunition in his car. Why would he do that if he was meaning to use ammo to shoot people from his room?
4) Why didn’t the shooter shoot the shooting targets in his car?
If he were planning on shooting targets to explode, why didn’t he? The 50 pounds of explosives were found in his car, but not set off by gunfire. The only explanation I can think of is if the shooter didn’t know where the car was, because it wasn’t his.
4) Paddock was stockpiling for nearly a year. Wouldn’t he show symptoms of lunacy in that time if he was planning on indiscriminate mass killing?
It want a spontaneous shooting, yet no one that knew Paddock reports him acting differently in any way. Unless he was a master at hiding his rage, paranoia, depression, what have you, then it would be because he wasn’t actually feeling those things.
Biggest questions I would have about the theory
1) What about security camera footage?
If the shooter entered the room, wouldn’t there be security camera footage of it? It’s a good question that I don’t know.
2) Why did the shooter keep more guns for himself in this Reno homes?
The shooter kept nine guns additional guns to add to the 14 he previously owned. Why would he keep guns in his home if he were planning on handing them out to the shooter? Again, it’s a valid question. My idea is that he, as a previously established gun fan, saw them and wanted them for himself as he was buying for the shooter, similarly to when you buy clothes for yourself when shopping for a present for someone else.
NOTE: I’m not saying I believe this, but it’s the best alternative I can think of to the common theory that Paddock was deranged and shot them himself. Also, if you publish a murder mystery using these points, I expect at least a 5% cut ;)
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Is it frowned on or illegal to stay in a hotel/casino in Nevada for several weeks?

I had a buddy who about 10 years ago was staying at Primm Nv Casino and after a couple of weeks he went down to extend and the front desk went to get the Manager.
She came out and said "You are LIVING here!!!" At which point armed guards escorted him from the property. I remember him saying something like its illegal to stay at a casino over 14 days in a month in state of Nevada or something like that.
Is there any truth to this? I was coming into mesquite for a few weeks and was able to get a room cheap at a local casino but wondered if ill het kicked out, arrested, or get in trouble.
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Why I'm Sticking to "Mandalay Windows Were Not Smashed by Paddock"

This is actually easy to follow and understand.
On the morning of October 2 SIU alumni Steven Byrczyski (this may very well be a pen name considering the damage the photo would do to the official story) took the picture where only ONE window at the Mandalay was smashed. He took that photo not even knowing that there was another window that would be smashed later on that morning, because if he knew about the second window he would have surely seen that that same moment when this photo was taken. But he didn't because there was no second window to photograph at that very instant (zoomed in).
This is really easy to follow and understand, like I told you.
So the only reason why folks would try to bury this FACT is because they want to push the FALSE story that the mainstream narrative is. Or because, like I sad, they can't connect two dots.
Think about it. Why would Byrczyski only take a picture of one window when supposedly there were two. He didn't even know about a second because the second wasn't smashed yet. From his vantage point he would have clearly seen the second window and then the caption for his photo would not have been: "The Mandalay Bay Resort and Casino is pictured Monday, Oct. 2, 2017, the morning after Stephen Paddock, of 64, of Mesquite, Nevada, injured over 500 and killed over 50 at a Jason Aldean concert, causing the deadliest massacre in the United States in Las Vegas, Nevada. The shooter’s room is circled in red."
Beyond any doubt, there was only ONE window to be photographed that very instant. Period.
They can try to spin it as they want but all that does is make my case stronger and stronger. Folks willingly being ignorant can't be blamed on me or my reporting. -- KJ
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I had a weird thing happen at a Casino, does this sound right?

I was at a casino in Mesquite. They told me that I had to switch rooms because I had stayed there 14 days. It sucked because I have terrible allergies and at the rate patrons smoke, vape, and bring pets into rooms there was a high likelihood I would get sick if I switched. So I begged them to let me stay in my current room but they did not budge I ended up having to check out.
Is this policy legit or does it seem like BS? I'm not from Nevada it it normal here?
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6 Nights in Vegas - From Someone Cheap

6 Nights in Vegas - On a Budget

A little background on us. I’m 35 my wife is 28. We aren’t major gamblers by any stretch, but we usually hit up a local casino maybe once a month, twice if we do good, and usually gambling about $100 a piece each time. We are both huge sports fans, especially college sports (Notre Dame). I’m a bit of a tightwad most of the time.
The morning of April 2, 2016 I asked her if she wanted to marry me (both of us have been married once before), she said yes. I bought tickets that morning, didn’t tell anyone our plans and drove from South Bend Indiana area to Chicago O’Hare, and arrived in Vegas right around dark.
The first couple of Hotels I tried for were booked, but we ended up finding a room at Planet Hollywood (which we spent all of about 4 hours in). We then flew out the next morning, spending a total of about 12 hours in Vegas.
This time around, after finding out my kids would be with their mom over Spring Break, I decided to save up and actually plan a trip this time. We debated Florida, Canada, the Smokies, and ended up deciding on Vegas.
Tuesday – March 27 We stayed the night at Blue Chip Casino (BOYD Gaming) in Michigan City Indiana (halfway to O’Hare). Both of us had comps for a free room and Buffet’s as well and about $75 worth of food credit that we had been saving for our Vegas trip. They also gave me a $25 gas card. We decided to gamble $100, and lost pretty quickly. After eating our “free buffets” we decided to go to bed, anticipating an early morning.
Wednesday – March 28 Once we got to O’Hare, we went and checked our 1 bag in at the Spirit Airlines desk. Everything at Spirit is A la Carte, and I had paid for 1 checked bag, however the lady in front of me discovered that their checked bags cost even more if over 40lbs. I had gone with Spirit to save a buck, and overall the experience wasn’t terrible, but I’ve had much better experiences with other non-discount airlines. After arriving in Vegas, we rode the bus from the airport to the Rental Car facility, and in short time had our new car for the week. The nice lady at Payless tried selling me several extras, and I politely declined each of them. I’ve come to expect the sales pitch no matter what rental company I use, and overall my experience with these guys was very good. We ended up changing reservations last minute for our Hotel due to additional offers I received while at Blue Chip. After checking in at the Fremont (all 6 nights) we unpacked, stopped at IN & OUT Burger, and made a run to Wal-Mart for snacks and drinks. We then decided to go check out the Nuwu Dispensary, we were both very impressed with the selection, cleanliness, and friendliness of everyone we talked to there (we are novices at this lol). After making a “small” purchase, we decided to drive out to Mount Charleston for the evening and ended up catching the sunset before driving back into town. We spent the rest of the evening walking around Fremont Street mostly just people watching, before we grabbed a snack from the Café inside the Fremont and went back to our room for the night. The food was average at best, but the price was right, even if I hadn’t used my points.
Thursday – March 29 We slept in until about 9:30, and slowly made our way over to the Hoover Dam. On our way to the Dam, we stopped at Sunset Station for their Brunch Buffet, and were really impressed, especially for the $7 price. After gambling a little and not winning we continued to the Dam. Waze had me going some crazy roads that I’d never taken before to get there, and took us about 3 times longer than I had ever remembered. After getting closer and seeing all of the traffic/road construction I now knew why. All of the lower parking lots were full, so we drove to the little gift shop on the Arizona side (I was surprised to see the road now ends here), got a couple of little souvenirs for our boys, and walked around a little bit before exploring Lake Meade a little and driving back to Fremont. After relaxing for a little bit we again decided to walk around Fremont Street and ended up getting Margaritas and Enchilada Nacho’s at Nachodaddy’s. I would highly recommend this place if you want a good drink and great nachos, we both loved it, and our bartenders were great. After walking back to the Fremont and going back and forth on winning/losing at the slot machines, my wife got a bonus feature on the machine she was playing, when I noticed a guy standing behind her watching. He looked really familiar, and after seeing “Deez Nuts” on the back of his jacket, I realized he was the youtube star from the Deez Nuts video. He posed for a picture with my wife and then went on his way. We gambled for a few hours and went to bed about even on the day.
Friday – March 30 After grabbing coffee from Dunkin Donuts inside the Fremont, we decided to drive down to Primm, because my wife had never been to California. We stopped at the truck stop and decided against topping off on gas, due to the price being over $4/gallon. We walked around the shop, found some more souvenirs for the kids, and ate lunch at Qdoba. After driving around behind the outlet mall, I realized there wasn’t a sign saying welcome to California, so I hopped on I15 and continued South/West until she got to see her sign. We went a few exits and decided a trip all the way to Baker wasn’t worth the drive, so we turned around just past the giant solar farm on the right. In the stretch from about a mile outside of Primm to where we turned around, we passed probably a dozen of each Nevada State Police and California Highway Patrol, many of which were on motorcycles and all of which had at least 1 car pulled over. About the time we made it back into Vegas, my buddy’s flight from Washington DC had arrived (he’s getting ready to leave for Japan for the next 3 years) so we went and picked him up at his hotel (Hooters). My wife won some money on the “Vacation” machine in Hooters and we decided to go walk the strip, which wasn’t a bad walk at all. We ended up going through the MGM, across to the Aria/Monte Carlo area and decided all the bars were a bit too busy due to a Golden Knights game getting ready to start. We walked over to Excalibur and rode the monorail to Mandalay Bay. We spent the rest of the evening here, and I decided to bet on Notre Dame Women, which turned out to be a good bet. My buddy, being born in Connecticut bet on UConn and that pretty much set the tone for his luck the rest of his trip. My wife and I ended up getting a giant hot dog/pepsi combo for $3.99 at the Café inside the Fremont after returning, and it was a better bet than the Chinese food we had tried earlier in the week.
Saturday – March 31 Another buddy of ours had moved to Vegas about 6 weeks ago, while his wife and kids are moving out there today. He called me late Saturday morning, and had us meet him out at the RV Dealership he works for. After getting a tour of their half million dollar Motorhomes (built here in Indiana), we hopped in his convertible and rode out to Red Rock Canyon. The line to get in was about 100 cars long, and it looked like they were only letting a few in every 15 minutes, so we drove out along that area and headed back a different way to the south side of town. The company he works for sponsors the Horse Arena at the South Point Casino, so we rode over, watched some of the show, and got the behind the scenes tour of the stalls, practice arena, and got to meet the horses/cowboys. We ended up spending most of the day at South Point, and we really enjoyed it, probably our favorite one on the “strip” so to speak. We ate dinner at Baja Miguel’s and all enjoyed our food. Later on Saturday night we rode back to downtown. My buddy that now lives in Vegas, took us to Container Park, which was really cool. After that we walked back down Fremont Street and I had bet earlier on Michigan beating Loyola in Men’s basketball. Another good choice, however I had to find a casino with a sports book that could cash me out. We ended up going to “The D” and really enjoyed the atmosphere/older machines. My wife ended up playing the old school Horse Racing Quarter Machine upstairs and stayed on it for quite a while. We ended up heading back to the Fremont, where we gambled the rest of our “$200 limit” for the day, and did pretty good. After several hours of gambling, we decided we were hungry, so we walked over to the Café at Binions, and were really impressed with what we had.
Sunday – April 1 We ate the Breakfast Buffet at the Fremont (comped), took an Uber back to our rental car on the other side of town, picked our buddy up at Hooters and headed north to Zion National Park. A couple hours later we arrived and were somewhat surprised that it wasn’t completely packed. My buddy has a free pass (Military) so we saved $30 on the gate fee. We spent most of the day at Zion, climbing, hiking, and exploring, it was my 4th time there, but the first time for my wife and buddy, and while my wife isn’t a hiker like me, she really enjoyed it and mentioned that it was one of her top 3 things we did on our trip. On our way back to town we stopped at Casa Blanca in Mesquite for a few hours, we didn’t do any good, but enjoyed the change of pace from the Vegas casinos.
Monday – April 2 We walked the strip again, and ate the brunch buffet at the Bellagio. It was really good, but if I hadn’t used the buy 1 get 1 free coupon I had, I wouldn’t have been quite as impressed. We walked around the strip some more, and ended up buying tickets to X-Country for my wife and I for the 10pm show at Harrah’s. The lady at the Box Office didn’t offer any discount, but when I asked about using my players card, she gave me a $10/ticket discount on the tickets. After that we drove across town to Sams Town (Boyd Gaming) and gambled for a few hours, I remembered a Steak House from several years back that I really enjoyed here, but we ended deciding against it for our anniversary meal. After going back to our hotel to change and shower, we ended up going to Viva Zapata’s (based on Reddit reviews). We weren’t disappointed! The food was amazing, the atmosphere even better, and the wait staff was the best! Our waiter asked what brought us out there, I told him it was our 2 year anniversary and we had flown in from Indiana to celebrate. We were enjoying the live Mariachi music, but started getting a little anxious as we were waiting on our bill (we wanted to get to Harrah’s by 9:30). A few minutes later here came the wait staff/musician to our table, put giant sombrero’s on us, gave us a couple of churros and each of us a shot of Tequila (no charge) while they sang us a song. I tipped them well and we were on our way to the show. My wife is a huge country music fan, and while I enjoy some of the older stuff, I’m more of a metalhead. I was pleasantly surprised at the price of our tickets, and for the money, the show wasn’t bad. 1 of the dancers really stood out from the rest though, but all in all it was a good experience. I wanted to go see Absinthe but found out they weren’t playing on Monday night. After our show we walked down to the Bellagio Fountains to see a show before heading back to the hotel.
Tuesday – April 3 We spent most of the morning packing up from our 6 nights at the Fremont, I checked with the Casino host to see about possibly comping more than 2 of our nights, but she showed me where my score in their algorithm was only a 65, and needed to be 100 to qualify for more. I still only paid $165 for the 4 nights I had to pay for, which was more than fair in my opinion, considering how little time we actually spent in the room. We went to Hooters and gambled for about 20 minutes, winning a couple hundred dollars, then took my buddy to the airport. Our flight wasn’t until 6:30pm, so we drove back North and had to try another Reddit suggestion for our last meal in town. We ended up at Hamburger Hut as we love to eat wings, and although the location and building were a bit sketchy, we ordered hot wings, a hot dog, and chili fries, this was our favorite food of the trip. We also really enjoyed hanging with some of the locals while we ate lunch. After eating lunch we hit up Walmart by the airport to find some last minute souvenirs to take back home, and then returned our rental car and waited a few hours for our flight back home.
What I would recommend
Sight Seeing - Zion National Park, Red Rock Canyon, Lake Mead, Container Park (especially if you have kids)
Food - Hamburger Hut, Viva Zapata’s, In & Out Burger, Nachodaddy, Hotdogs at South Point, Breakfast Buffet at Sunset Station, also saved a bunch of money by getting snacks and drinks for our room at the grocery store on day 1.
Casinos – As a gambler, the ones off the Strip seemed to pay better, but the ones on the strip were much classier and had newer slots you can’t find elsewhere. My 3 favorite were the Fremont, The D, and South Point. My wife really enjoyed seeing the sights at the Bellagio, the Flamingo, and others on the Strip. No matter what, if you’re going to gamble, get a players card, it saved me a bunch of money.
Transportation – If you like to do more than just stay in town and walk all week, I’d highly recommend getting a rental car like we did (about $200 for the week for a nice sized car), but if you don’t plan on going on long day trips like we did, UbeLyft would be great.
Entertainment – XCountry at Harrahs wasn’t the top show I’ve ever seen, but 2 tickets for $80 something and a happy wife, I can’t complain at all. Watching all the entrepreneurs on Fremont Street as well as the stage shows for free was hard to beat, and any trip to Vegas should include the Bellagio Fountains, the Flamingo Habitat, and any other free entertainment you can find along the strip.
What I wouldn’t recommend
Airlines – don’t go with the budget airlines expecting to save a bunch of money if you plan on taking a bag with you, checked or carry on, prefer to pick your seats out in advance, or want to get a snack while flying.
Food – While we didn’t really have any “bad” experiences, the café and Buffet at the Fremont were probably my least favorite, but I can’t complain because I didn’t have to pay for anything at either of them. Also I was looking forward to checking out Heart Attack Grill (based on Ducktales review), but they were packed and took Cash Only fyi.
Sight Seeing – Fremont Street after dark really isn’t the place to take your small kids but be sure to take them to Container Park during the day, Hoover Dam (unless you go early), Red Rock Canyon scenic trail on a holiday weekend. Pawn Stars was packed and if you’ve seen it once, the excitement kind of wore off, and they apparently charge for parking now. I parked up the street for free and only had a short walk, but the people trying to push you to buy extras outside of the store really kind of rubbed me the wrong way.
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Comprehensive list of all Skillbooks in all areas

There was a problem with the list original posted. Somehow I deleted record of the first 11 Skillbooks picked up.
As stated to u/shamelesscreature in comment below:
"All of the missing Skillbooks are in located between Trudy's GoodSpring's home and Nipton."
It's been fixed at this time. Better to have a good set data than one clearly flawed. Thanks u/shamelesscreature!
After an un-conclusve dialog with someone here regarding the total number of Skillbooks in the wasteland. The question of the total number of books was not resolved. So I re-started my run (was close to the start so the inconvenience was minimal), went forth and found each and every one of them.
Thanks to the invaluable assistance of u/shamelesscreature, found the first 11 Skillbooks acquired had been deleted from the records. The corrected list below includes all 110 Skillbooks in FNV. Regret the screwup and am happy to be able to now provide data matching the title.
Below is a full and complete list of every Skillbook in the main game and DLC's of Fallout New Vegas (with their specific positions redacted. For any wanting a copy including the redacted information, msg me).
Area Skillbook Name Type+# Location
1 NV Tales of a Junktown Jerky Vendor BAR1 Allied Technologies offices
2 NV Tales of a Junktown Jerky Vendor BAR2 Cap Counterfeiting Shack
3 NV Tales of a Junktown Jerky Vendor BAR3 Vault 22
4 OWB Tales of a Junktown Jerky Vendor BAR4 The Sink
5 DM Tales of a Junktown Jerky Vendor BAR5 Salida del Sol South
6 LR Tales of a Junktown Jerky Vendor BAR6 Marked men guard outpost
7 NV Nikola Tesla and You EWN1 REPCONN headquarters
8 NV Nikola Tesla and You EWN2 REPCONN headquarters
9 NV Nikola Tesla and You EWN3 Old nuclear test site
10 NVs Nikola Tesla and You EWN4 Hidden Valley
11 DM Nikola Tesla and You EWN5 Sierra Madre vault
12 LR Nikola Tesla and You EWN6 Hopeville Missile Base Hqs
13 OWB Nikola Tesla and You EWN7 The Sink
14 NVs Duck and Cover! EXP1 Mojave Outpost
15 NVs Duck and Cover! EXP2 Sloan
16 NVs Duck and Cover! EXP3 Nellis Air Force Base
17 NV Duck and Cover! EXP4 Ranger Station Foxtrot
18 NVs Duck and Cover! EXP5 Mojave Outpost
19 NVs Duck and Cover! EXP6 Sloan
20 NVs Duck and Cover! EXP7 Nellis Air Force Base
21 NV Duck and Cover! EXP8 Ranger Station Foxtrot
22 DM Duck and Cover! EXP9 Residential District
23 LR Duck and Cover! EXP10 Collapsed overpass tunnel
24 OWB Duck and Cover! EXP11 The Sink
25 NV Guns and Bullets GUN1 Raul's shack
26 NV Guns and Bullets GUN2 Vault 34
27 LR Guns and Bullets GUN3 Hopeville armory
28 DM Guns and Bullets GUN4 Sierra Madre Casino
29 NVs Guns and Bullets GUN5 Gomorrah
30 OWB Guns and Bullets GUN6 The Sink
31 NV Tumblers Today LPK1 Wolfhorn Ranch
32 NV Tumblers Today LPK2 Bitter Springs recreation area
33 NV Tumblers Today LPK3 Silver Peak Mine
34 DM Tumblers Today LPK4 Sierra Madre Casino
35 LR Tumblers Today LPK5 Hopeville Missile Base
36 OWB Tumblers Today LPK6 The Sink
37 NVs D.C. Journal of Internal Medicine MED1 Novac
38 NV D.C. Journal of Internal Medicine MED2 Mesquite Mountains Crater
39 NVs D.C. Journal of Internal Medicine MED3 Novac
40 NV D.C. Journal of Internal Medicine MED4 Mesquite Mountains Crater
41 NV D.C. Journal of Internal Medicine MED5 Followers Safehouse
42 DM D.C. Journal of Internal Medicine MED6 Villa Clinic
43 LR D.C. Journal of Internal Medicine MED7 Buried Buildings
44 OWB D.C. Journal of Internal Medicine MED8 The Sink
45 NVs Grognak the Barbarian MWN1 Cannibal Johnson's cave
46 NVs Grognak the Barbarian MWN2 Cottonwood Cove
47 DM Grognak the Barbarian MWN3 Villa Police Station
48 LR Grognak the Barbarian MWN4 Hopeville women's barracks
49 OWB Grognak the Barbarian MWN5 The Sink
50 NV Dean's Electronics REP1 Jacobstown
51 NVs Dean's Electronics REP2 Sloan
52 NVs Dean's Electronics REP3 Nellis Air Force Base
53 NV Dean's Electronics REP4 Southern Nevada Wind Farm
54 DM Dean's Electronics REP5 Abandoned BoS bunker
55 DM Dean's Electronics REP6 Puesta del Sol switching station
56 LR Dean's Electronics REP7 Hopeville missile silo bunker
57 OWB Dean's Electronics REP8 The Sink
58 NV Big Book of Science SCI1 REPCONN headquarters
59 NV Big Book of Science SCI2 Brewer's beer bootlegging
60 NVs Big Book of Science SCI3 Camp Forlorn Hope
61 NV Big Book of Science SCI4 REPCONN headquarters
62 NV Big Book of Science SCI5 Brewer's beer bootlegging
63 NVs Big Book of Science SCI6 Camp Forlorn Hope
64 DM Big Book of Science SCI7 Executive suites
65 LR Big Book of Science SCI8 Ashton missile silo
66 OWB Big Book of Science SCI9 The Sink
67 OWB Big Book of Science SCI10 Y-0 research center
68 NVs Chinese Army Special Ops Training Manual SNK1 NCR Sharecropper Farms
69 NV Chinese Army Special Ops Training Manual SNK2 Camp Searchlight
70 NV Chinese Army Special Ops Training Manual SNK3 Vault 3
71 NVs Chinese Army Special Ops Training Manual SNK4 NCR Sharecropper Farms
72 NV Chinese Army Special Ops Training Manual SNK5 Camp Searchlight
73 NV Chinese Army Special Ops Training Manual SNK6 Vault 3
74 DM Chinese Army Special Ops Training Manual SNK7 Puesta del Sol switching station
75 LR Chinese Army Special Ops Training Manual SNK8 Sunstone Tower
76 OWB Chinese Army Special Ops Training Manual SNK9 The Sink
77 OWB Chinese Army Special Ops Training Manual SNK10 X-13 research facility
78 OWB Chinese Army Special Ops Training Manual SNK11 X-13 research facility
79 NVs Lying, Congressional Style SPK1 Brooks Tumbleweed Ranch
80 NV Lying, Congressional Style SPK2 Cerulean Robotics
81 NV Lying, Congressional Style SPK3 Lucky Jim Mine
82 DM Lying, Congressional Style SPK4 The Tampico
83 LR Lying, Congressional Style SPK5 Third Street Municipal Building
84 OWB Lying, Congressional Style SPK6 The Sink
85 NV Wasteland Survival Guide SUR1 Matthews Animal Husbandry Farm
86 NV Wasteland Survival Guide SUR2 Mesquite Mountains camp site
87 NV Wasteland Survival Guide SUR3 Scavenger platform
88 LR Wasteland Survival Guide SUR4 Waste disposal station
89 OWB Wasteland Survival Guide SUR5 The Sink
90 NV Pugilism Illustrated UNA1 Fisherman's Pride shack
91 DM Pugilism Illustrated UNA2 Villa
92 LR Pugilism Illustrated UNA3 Wastewater treatment plant
93 NV Pugilism Illustrated UNA4 The Tops
94 OWB Pugilism Illustrated UNA5 The Sink
95 HH various var01 Angel cave Workbench crates
96 HH various var02 Fallen Rock cave Workbench crates
97 HH various var03 Fallen Rock cave Workbench crates
98 HH various var04 Cueva Guarache Workbench crates
99 HH various var05 Angel cave Workbench crates
100 HH various var06 Fallen Rock cave Workbench crates
101 HH various var07 Cueva Guarache Workbench crates
102 HH various var08 Cueva Guarache Workbench crates
103 HH various var09 Stone Bones cave Workbench crates
104 HH various var10 Stone Bones cave Workbench crates
105 HH various var11 Cueva Guarache Workbench crates
106 HH various var12 Angel cave Workbench crates
107 HH various var13 Stone Bones cave Workbench crates
108 HH various var14 Angel cave Workbench crates
109 HH various var15 Fallen Rock cave Workbench crates
110 HH various var16 Stone Bones cave Workbench crates
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The tweets of Wilford Woodruff

Since Ol' Woody has been mentioned in several threads here of late I'm adding a story about him and a list of his tweets created by an exmo, Book of Mordor.
The Tweets of Wilford Woodruff
At the end of an artfully concealed passageway within the F (First Presidency's) Vault at Granite Mountain can be found a hidden trap door leading to a secret sub-basement. Using my special set of skills, I had navigated my way into this forgotten room. I passed by the Liahona, the Sword of Laban, what looked like a Jaredite-barge shining stone thingy, and the head of Shiz in a jar; these trifles were not the reason for my dangerous and clandestine visit. I found myself sweating and mopped my face with the nearby Title of Liberty.
In the far corner of the sub-basement, I spotted an opening in the floor. Creeping over for a closer look, I beheld a spiral staircase winding endlessly down into the abyssal blackness. Eldritch symbols and unsettling images were engraved upon its cold steps, but I knew that I must descend, for the mysterious Fat Man had insisted there was no other way. My flashlight flickered and I hoped that I had inserted alkaline batteries instead of the cheap regular ones.
At length, I arrived at the nethermost alcove below the mountain. And there! next to the casks of Amontillado I spied the prize and object of my search: a small locked wooden box. But not just any box, for it contained a priceless artifact. I promptly seized the box and got the hell out of there.
Returning to my room at the Crystal Inn Hotel in Murray, I brought out the key which had proven so difficult to procure. If you can recall that one "Pirates" scene with Will Turner and a sleeping Davy Jones at the organ, you get the idea. But that tale I dare not relate in full. Suffice it to say that the telling would cause men to weep and women to giggle.
My hand trembled as the key turned and the lock clicked open. I slowly raised the lid and at last gazed with wonder on that for which I had risked all. With my heart pounding, I removed it, and so I now hold...the Flash Drive of the Prophets.
The Flash Drive of the Prophets! Naught but rumors and whispers can be heard about it from the wizened merchants who lurk in the dark recesses of City Creek Center. To think that I am now in possession of it is almost more than I can bear. But I must make haste, and share what I can of the supernal treasures stored on it. And so I present to you, dear readers, the Tweets of Wilford Woodruff.
@Big_Ol_Woody - Getting dunked a mormon in a few. Gonna be an #IceBath, f**king freezing!!! 10:48 AM Ð 31 Dec 1833
@Big_Ol_Woody - @ParleyPPratt says I have 2 go 2 some podunk place called Kirtland. Pratt's a horse's @$$ control freak. Why do I have this urge 2 run? 3:41 PM Ð 1 Apr 1834
@Big_Ol_Woody - Meeting the big guy @JosephSmithJr now. Hairy dude. Whats up w/ all the girls & can I get some? 11:22 AM Ð 25 Apr 1834
@Big_Ol_Woody - Showed JS a leg bone & arrowhead. He's #OffHisMeds, starts on about a white Indian named Zelph. Great prophet Onandagus, I call bulls**t. 1:14 PM Ð 3 Jun 1834
@Big_Ol_Woody - Mission, WTF?!? No one told me that! #BaitAndSwitch 10:58 AM Ð 11 Nov 1834
@Big_Ol_Woody - Movin on up, in the 1Q70 now. Gonna get small folks 2 #PaintMyHouse 4 me. ROFL! 12:39 PM Ð 3 Jan 1837
@Big_Ol_Woody - Got me some action at last ABOUT TIME! Phoebe's 30 like me not a babe but I'll take it. JS promised me a bunch more later haha. 8:03 AM Ð 14 Apr 1837
@Big_Ol_Woody - Another mission?! Finally getting laid & have 2 leave again, whats wrong w/ u ppl? 11:40 AM Ð 9 May 1837
@Big_Ol_Woody - Made APOSTLE 2day! JACKPOT!! I'm famous, u must all BOW DOWN BE4 ME! 3:11 PM Ð 26 Apr 1839
@Big_Ol_Woody - Another fking mission. England this time. Fk. 8:46 AM Ð 8 Aug 1839
@Big_Ol_Woody - Dunked 600 chumps past 6 wks. @JohnTaylor had the idea, calls it #CricketBaptisms. Seems 2 work. 11:17 PM Ð 10 Apr 1840
@Big_Ol_Woody - Seeing Phoebe soon, YES! Horny as all s**t, have 2 make up 4 lost time. 9:43 AM Ð 2 Jun 1841
@Big_Ol_Woody - JS showed me the "Urem&Thumem" (sp?) 2day. Just a f**king rock but had 2 make a HUGE deal like OMG! OMG, faint! LOL!! Rube. 7:09 PM Ð 27 Dec 1841
@Big_Ol_Woody - Goofy s**t around here starting 2 get 2 me. Seeing stream of light in sky shaped like sword. Must be going crazy. 8:21 PM Ð 10 Mar 1843
@Big_Ol_Woody - Oh my head. F**king sky sword changed in2 a ring w/ balls of light inside. JS says sky sword means big war coming. #NauvooMadHouse 9:12 PM Ð 14 Mar 1843
@Big_Ol_Woody - BIG DAY 2DAY GETTIN MY SECOND ANOINTING ON!!! #GoldenTicket #IGotMine 10:02 AM Ð 28 Jan 1844
@Big_Ol_Woody - Moved in2 new house yesterday. Got it "broken in" last nite w/ Phoebe heh. Life = good. 8:31 AM Ð 5 Mar 1844
@Big_Ol_Woody - Another mission ARE YOU F**KING KIDDING ME??? Want 2 kick JS in the nutz. #LoserTyrant 4:04 PM Ð 6 May 1844
@Big_Ol_Woody - OHHH S**T reading in Boston paper JS shot, killed. Bet that SOB Young is gonna try 2 take over. Not good. Need 2 get drunk fast. 3:50 PM Ð 9 Jul 1844
@Big_Ol_Woody - Its over. #TheBrigham is prez now. Every1 else kissed butt so couldn't say anything. Have 2 play nice. F**k we're doomed. 2:57 PM Ð 8 Aug 1844
@Big_Ol_Woody - Another mission 2 #Europe but it's OK this time b/c I'm MP now & can order every1 around. #HastenTheWork serfs!! 12:25 PM Ð 12 Aug 1844
@Big_Ol_Woody - Back in Nauvoo again WhereTF is every1? Half the town gone. Oh well got 2 run home I have DEEP blue balls LOL! 3:33 PM Ð 13 Apr 1846
@Big_Ol_Woody - Some army jerkwad wants volunteers 4 #MexicanWar. F**k that. Where were u earlier? Passed buck up 2 #TheBrigham. 11:20 AM Ð 26 Jun 1846
@Big_Ol_Woody - Marrying 3 chix 2day have #HaremOf4 SWEEEET!! Mary A's 28 Mary C's 17 Sarah's 18 & I can hardly wait! Phoebe not happy TFB. 8:44 AM Ð 2 Aug 1846
@Big_Ol_Woody - Teenage wives a pain, want guys their own age. Can't figure it out. BE GONE YE HARLOTS! Just the 2 wifeys 4 now. 10:55 AM Ð 29 Aug 1846
@Big_Ol_Woody - Both wives preg, always complaining about something SHUT IT! Leaving em 2 each other 4 female bonding. ROAD TRIP YEAH!! 4:06 PM Ð 5 Apr 1847
@Big_Ol_Woody - This place is a dump, total #ForsakenWasteland. Deseret my @$$. BY = idiot. 9:56 AM Ð 24 Jul 1847
@Big_Ol_Woody - Climbing a mountain 2day. Full suit tie & vest. Fk I'm hot tired & #NeedABath. It's never enough is it BY? Never fking enough. Ever. 12:34 PM Ð 26 Jul 1847
I have been discovered. My actions here have alerted the Strengthening Church Members Committee. Even as I write I can hear Danite footsteps echoing in the hall. I must escape. Brethren, hasta ma–ana.
Praise Darwin, I have outwitted my foes. Oaks' Blokes chased me down the fire stairs and into the hotel lobby, but I threw down some banana peels upon which they slipped and fell. My northern and eastern escape routes were too heavily guarded, and Wendover is a hole. I have turned south and found refuge in Santaquin, but cannot linger.
@Big_Ol_Woody - F**ked up dream, prob drank 2 much #barleycorn. Saw JS & a lot of ppl in white robes making crowns. Have 2 get off the stuff. 2:17 AM Ð 16 Mar 1848
@Big_Ol_Woody - Mary A divorcing me 2morrow WTF is going on? Not like I've been away from home neglecting her, oh wait I did. All right go then. S**t. 1:51 PM Ð 10 May 1848
@Big_Ol_Woody - Have 2 tell BY I need women 2 #LiveUp2Privileges. Down 2 only Phoebe since last divorce, not enough. Must find #PerkyBoobs soon. 10:03 AM Ð 16 Mar 1852
@Big_Ol_Woody - S**t, have 2 marry this widow named Mary, she's 48. Older than me. Guess #TheBrigham is pissed at me. Need 2 brown nose again. 9:26 PM Ð 27 Mar 1852
@Big_Ol_Woody - Mary died 2day so just 1 wife again. We can #KeepEmComing tho. Have another picked out already, Clarissa's 17. 6:16 PM Ð 3 Oct 1852
@Big_Ol_Woody - #TheBrigham dedicating #SLTemple site, droning on & on & on. Will NOT close pie hole. Want 2 go home, drink #beer. 11:41 AM Ð 14 Feb 1853
@Big_Ol_Woody - Bad luck w/ teens, Clarissa divorced me 2. Trying again 2day w/ 2 new hotties, Emma 15 & Sarah 19. I'm 46 haha. SCORE. 8:28 AM Ð 13 Mar 1853
@Big_Ol_Woody - Off again, have 2 travel across the fking country 2 buy st 4 the #DeseretAlphabet. Just another wild hair out of BY's @$$. 9:02 AM Ð 3 Mar 1856
@Big_Ol_Woody - Addressed bumpkins in conf 2day in favor of #handcart ops. All have 2 back #TheBrigham on this or else. #NoConscience 3:23 PM Ð 6 Oct 1856
@Big_Ol_Woody - Promised hayseeds some would be alive 4 return of #TenTribes & give em endowments. Never know what the f**k I'm talking about. 1:57 PM Ð 22 Feb 1857
@Big_Ol_Woody - OH: @JamesBuchanan 2 send in US Army. ROFLMAO!! #BringItOn, Prez! We shall summon mighty earthquakes 2 swallow you up!! 12:08 PM Ð 24 Jul 1857
@Big_Ol_Woody - Another wife 2day! 9th overall but 4th staying. Hard 2 keep track. Sarah Delight's just 19 say hi 2 Mr. Woodruff! #DelightMe 11:01 AM Ð 31 Jul 1857
@Big_Ol_Woody - @JohnDLee ran in 2day shouting about #MountainMeadows something? Said Indians killed ppl. Yawn. BFD, need 2 get ready 4 army. 3:47 PM Ð 29 Sep 1857
@Big_Ol_Woody - Spoke 2day in the Tab, said #God progressing in knowledge & power. Crowd ate it up, go figure. These dips**ts believe everything. 2:24 PM Ð 6 Dec 1857
@Big_Ol_Woody - Running away 2 Provo since army's almost here. Expected #God 2 send down useful s**t like #FlamingAngels but nope. #WhatElseIsNew 9:05 AM Ð 7 Apr 1858
@Big_Ol_Woody - Yeah right wool. Nothin better 2 wear in CK huh Heber u jackhole? RT @HeberCKimball: Peter wore wool when he came 2 Kirtland temple 3:46 PM Ð 9 Feb 1862
@Big_Ol_Woody - Emma ready 2 pop any day, Delight 3 mo along. Sarah's turn 2 receive some laying on of hands & gift of the holy spurt haha. 6:58 PM Ð 29 Jan 1863
@Big_Ol_Woody - Prophesied Albany 2 be destroyed by fire, Boston by tidal wave, NYC by quake. BY stood up & agreed. We're just makin it all up as we go. 4:12 PM Ð 21 Aug 1863
@Big_Ol_Woody - Emma & Delight WAY preggers & HUUUGE, Sarah busy nursing kid last 8 mo, Phoebe's 61, nowhere 2 go 4 sugar. 2:35 PM Ð 13 Jul 1868
@Big_Ol_Woody - Have 2 put up w/ this batst EVERY SINGLE FKING DAY around here. RT @BrighamYoung: #Sun & #Moon are inhabited 5:00 PM Ð 24 Jul 1870
@Big_Ol_Woody - Think I finally did it, 3 wives prego at same time. D*ck is sore tho & G's rub against it fierce. #NoSpermLeft, balls shrunk 2 pea size. 10:42 PM Ð 21 Nov 1872
@Big_Ol_Woody - OH: rumor #PolandAct passed by @Congress yesterday, easier 2 prosecute plyg. We will DIE be4 we abandon plyg!!! #NoSurrender 10:29 AM Ð 24 Jun 1874
@Big_Ol_Woody - Got the shaft again. I'm older than Taylor, next in line but fking Q12 jumped him ahead of me just b/c he was ordained 1st. Hate u fks. 1:48 PM Ð 10 Apr 1875
@Big_Ol_Woody - Talked again about #TenTribes coming soon. Might even convince myself of this s**t someday. #NotGonnaHappen 2:45 PM Ð 24 Jun 1875
@Big_Ol_Woody - Told everybody 2day that #Millennium is dawning soon blah blah. Would be amazed if anything I said ever actually happened. 3:31 PM Ð 12 Sep 1875
@Big_Ol_Woody - Meeting w/ @UlyssesSGrant, as usual #TheBrigham is boring the living s**t out of the Prez. Put a sock in it 4 once u douche. 10:18 AM Ð 3 Oct 1875
@Big_Ol_Woody - BY said 2 write temple s**t down. Started last Nov u dumb coot. Will make this crapola all scary weird w/ #BloodOaths 2 freak ppl out haha. 12:32 PM Ð 14 Jan 1877
@Big_Ol_Woody - Think BY likes me b/c he's giving me his daughter Eudora 2morrow. She's 24 & OK I guess. Can't do s**t at 70 tho. 5:22 PM Ð 9 Mar 1877
@Big_Ol_Woody - #TheBrigham doesnt like me after all, I get now why he dumped his daughter on me. Well played BY. 11:14 AM Ð 11 Mar 1877
@Big_Ol_Woody - You'll NEVER believe this!! Bunch of ghosts in wigs just showed up in SG Temple! G-Wash, T-Jef, B-Frank, all of em! OMG SICK!!! 12:56 PM Ð 19 Aug 1877
@Big_Ol_Woody - Now they're all #BooHoo about no temple work 4 em yet. Waited soooo long wah wah wah. Scuse us guys we've been busy. 12:59 PM Ð 19 Aug 1877
@Big_Ol_Woody - Introducing themselves 1 by 1. BORRRING. U signed #DeclarationOfIndependence? Never heard of most of these ppl. Who are all u jokers?? 1:07 PM Ð 19 Aug 1877
@Big_Ol_Woody - Button Gwinet? (sp?) WTF stupid name is Button? Wait til I tell BY's kid Mahonri Moriancumer Young, he'll die laughing. Button, ROFL!! 2:21 PM Ð 19 Aug 1877
I hear voices in the distance, shouts of "Oh, fetch!" coming closer. How did they find me so quickly? Into the night once more. Brethren, peace out.
Again I have survived. The fools really ought to remove their sunglasses at night, but it seems to be against the rules. They left only the chauffeur to guard their car, a custom 2013 Bentley Mulsanne bearing the license plate "MONSON6." (How many does he have?) I dispatched the poor fellow using a can of Mountain Dew heavily laced with Ex-Lax, then drove away. I exited the interstate at Nephi, later abandoned the Bentley in Milford and have made my way to Minersville. I should be safe here. No one has ever visited this town.
@Big_Ol_Woody - It's T-Jef by himself this time. Looks uncomfortable, says something about wants 2 marry #SallyHemings? I say IDK, need more info. 10:34 AM Ð 20 Aug 1877
@Big_Ol_Woody - OK get this. So I pray & see Sally! HOLY S**T SMOKIN HOT!!! I get an idea, play cool, say sorry no, #CurseOfCain etc. He's sad & goes. 10:38 AM Ð 20 Aug 1877
@Big_Ol_Woody - TJ's back. I offer 2 swap my 3rd, 4th & 6th wives 2 him 4 Sally. Don't fess up these 3 divorced me haha. He says he'll get back 2 me. 1:19 PM Ð 20 Aug 1877
@Big_Ol_Woody - Can u f*king BELIEVE IT?!? #SelfishGhost said *NO 2 my trade!! T-JEF IS AN A-HOLE!!! #IWantSally 3:53 PM Ð 20 Aug 1877
@Big_Ol_Woody - Got dunking done 4 all these dead guys & a few more. Got water up my nose LOL! #Columbus will be sooo grateful 2 me! 7:30 PM Ð 21 Aug 1877
@Big_Ol_Woody - Just woke up from dream about Sally H, look down & ewwww gross!!! Long time since that happened, didn't know I still could haha! 1:16 AM Ð 25 Aug 1877
@Big_Ol_Woody - BIG news! BY finally kicked it, seemed that tool would never go! Guess that HOT @AnnElizaWebb broke his heart. Annie #TelegraphMe anytime!! 11:57 PM Ð 29 Aug 1877
@Big_Ol_Woody - At funeral of #TheBrigham, now I'm 1 step closer 2 prez. Snoozefest, bored 2 tears. Have 2 speak later, hope I can stay awake. 10:24 AM Ð 2 Sep 1877
@Big_Ol_Woody - Eudora had son yesterday but he died. Time 2 visit Emma 4 replacement. Delight 7 mo preg wonder if she's OK haha. 8:29 AM Ð 2 Apr 1878
@Big_Ol_Woody - got 2 run n hide the us marshals r after me that bch eudora divorced me n ratted me out 2 the govt why do all these bches turn on me? 7:43 PM Ð 7 Feb 1879
@Big_Ol_Woody - Beware O Earth 4 the Hour of the Judgment of #God is Upon U! Seriously! I'm Not Kidding This Time, I Really Really Mean It!! 5:13 AM Ð 26 Jan 1880
@Big_Ol_Woody - Q12 droolers took my Jan nutter ramblings as the Word of #TheLord so it's official #revelation. Shaking my head, it's a #circus here. 4:48 PM Ð 4 Apr 1880
@Big_Ol_Woody - Talking on #SignsOfTimes, this generation 2 see return of JC blah blah blah. Have 2 keep it going til the gomers wise up 2 us. 3:17 PM Ð 3 Jul 1880
@Big_Ol_Woody - Telegram: Prez @ChesterAArthur signed #EdmundsAct yesterday. #TheLord shall PROTECT US as w/ FIRE ye MINIONS OF SATAN!!! 10:11 AM Ð 25 Mar 1882
@Big_Ol_Woody - Saw CK mansions in dream last nite, the best #HeavenlyArchitects were building em. Must be getting f**king senile or something. 6:06 AM Ð 30 Dec 1882
@Big_Ol_Woody - Have 2 go on the run again, gettin 2 old 4 this st. What a fking joke, not like I'm boning any1, #CantGetItUp w/ a pulley. 8:14 AM Ð 14 Jan 1885
@Big_Ol_Woody - Did it work? 8:41 PM Ð 15 Jan 1887
@Big_Ol_Woody - F**k me we are so screwed 11:28 AM Ð 17 Jan 1887
@Big_Ol_Woody - OH: Taylor died yesterday so I'm prez now. Super, just f**king splendid. Can't even go 2 #outhouse w/ out being arrested. 1:15 PM Ð 26 Jul 1887
@Big_Ol_Woody - Put my foot in it again. Prophesied that SS & MIA kids in audience 2 live 2 see #SecondComing. I'll be long dead by then #SoSueMe. 11:03 AM Ð 29 Jul 1889
@Big_Ol_Woody - Ridiculous horses**t, surrounded by cretins. RT @OrsonFWhitney: JS: #TowerOfBabel built 2 reach #CityOfEnoch suspended in midair 10:37 PM Ð 22 Sep 1889
@Big_Ol_Woody - Another #revelation from #God hooray! Not going 2 give up plyg 2 become state. #TheKingdom doesn't take terms it makes em. 10:36 PM Ð 24 Nov 1889
@Big_Ol_Woody - Telegram: @SupremeCourt upheld #EdmundsTucker. #God promised 2 fight our f**king battles but chucked us, what a surprise. 9:44 AM Ð 20 May 1890
@Big_Ol_Woody - Time 2 give up plyg. Need 2 make up some [email protected]$$ excuse 4 blowhards like BY & Kimball & Pratt etc. Thx a heap #God big help u were. 1:54 PM Ð 24 Sep 1890
@Big_Ol_Woody - Have 2 #TapDance 4 every1 about why we caved after 50 yrs of big bulls**t CK promises & brave talk of US collapse. #EpicFail 9:49 AM Ð 6 Oct 1890
@Big_Ol_Woody - It's good. Said more crap about never leading the church astray, remove out of our place blah blah. Will all #BlowOverSoon, plebs wont remember. 11:10 AM Ð 6 Oct 1890
@Big_Ol_Woody - @JosephFSmith asked 4 chat w/ son J Fielding 2day his 15 bday. #WeirdKid if u ask me. Arrogant little f**k, not 2 sharp, kinda creepy. 1:42 PM Ð 19 Jul 1891
@Big_Ol_Woody - Dedicating #SLTemple 2day, hosanna, hosanna barf. Have #hangover, feel like s**t, might need #coffee 2 stay sharp haha. 9:19 AM Ð 6 Apr 1893
@Big_Ol_Woody - Told peasants in conf 2day #OMyFather is #revelation haha. Sometimes I kill me. 4:52 PM Ð 8 Oct 1893
@Big_Ol_Woody - B-Frank said hi in bizarro dream. Had long talk, he wanted more temple s**t done. I said OK if he would bug T-Jef about #SallyHemings. 3:46 AM Ð 20 Mar 1894
@Big_Ol_Woody - Utah state but w/ out plyg dammit. Bogus Ô89 #revelation was test from #God I bet. Uh yeah thats it. U cant criticize me I'm the profit. 12:08 PM Ð 4 Jan 1896
@Big_Ol_Woody - Conf talk earlier 2day, kids here 2 be alive 4 #SecondComing. Same ol s**t 60 yrs, they're just never gonna learn. [email protected]$$es 4ever. 6:25 PM Ð 8 Apr 1898
Betrayed! facepalm It must have been a local, besotted with the false promises of a special second anointing for my capture. If I could hie to Kolob Canyons I might yet stand a chance. I will return and report, should I live. Brethren, whatever.
The Tweets of Wilford Woodruff: The Hunt is On!
It has come to this at last. I was hotly pursued into Zion National Park and alas! have tragically lost the Flash Drive of the Prophets while scrambling over the lovely pink cliffs. I fear that it will never be found, save perhaps by an intrepid contributor to this board. Once I reach Mesquite I think I will be free. The Committee has no power beyond Utah, and the breakfast buffet at the Casa Blanca is not half bad. I thank you, dear readers, for your time and attention but damn I really must move or I am toast. Brethr
The Tweets of Wilford Woodruff: Epilogue
The boys were close on my heels all the way to St. George, where I ditched them for good as they were gorging on thirds at Golden Corral's dessert table. I held to the course of the Virgin River through Arizona, entering Nevada near Bunkerville. Being famished I was compelled to rustle and BBQ one of Cliven Bundy's cattle. And it came to pass that I arrived in Las Vegas clinging to the back of a big rig. I relax now poolside at Mandalay Bay Resort and Casino. All is well! My adventure is finished and I return to a normal existence, buying tequilas for sun-kissed topless honeys. I thank you once more for your kind attention. Brethren, I do.
The orignal article and other information about LDS Prophets is available here:
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CasaBlanca Hotel and Casino - Mesquite Hotels, Nevada ... Casa Blanca Resort Casino Mesquite, Nevada  Vlog 55 - YouTube Casablanca Hotel Casino Spa Golf in Mesquite Nevada - YouTube Virgin River Hotel Room Overview - Mesquite Nevada - YouTube Virgin River Hotel and Casino Buffet - FULL VIDEO TOUR ... Virgin River Casino and Eureka Casino in Mesquite NV - YouTube Exploring around Mesquite, Nevada; 2 casinos; Food Banks ... Casa Blanca Resort/Casino in Mesquite, Nevada - YouTube

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CasaBlanca Hotel and Casino - Mesquite Hotels, Nevada ...

Casa Blanca Resort/Casino in Mesquite, Nevada 2:27 inside Virgin River Casino 9:45 Drive from Walmart to library. Drive ends 16:55 19:00 inside Eureka Casino 23:33 out 23:53 Liability sign to read outsid... We were given 7 night complimentary stay at this hotel in Mesquite Nevada. Let’s go explore This virtual tour of the Virgin River Casino and the Eureka Casino are courtesy of the Mesquite Real Estate Team from Bowler Realty in Mesquite NV. Find home... CasaBlanca Hotel and Casino 4 Stars Hotel in Mesquite, Nevada Within US Travel DirectoryOne of our top picks in Mesquite.Located 3.2 km from Mesquite Stadium... A video of the food at Virgin River Hotel and Casino Buffet in Mesquite, Nevada! Probably the best buffet in Mesquite! Their sister property Casablanca doesn... Virgin River Hotel Room Overview - Mesquite Mesquite stevehmcintosh Steve McIntosh social media links: YouTube Patreon... Casablanca Resort-Casino-Golf-Spa, a beautiful resort located just one hour north of Las Vegas, offers all the excitement and amenities of Las Vegas without ...